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DOYLE, James E.
A Chronicle of England. B.C.55 - A.D.1485 Written and illustrated by James E. Doyle. The designs engraved and printed in colours by Edmund Evans. More
A History of Indiana, from its Earliest Exploration by Europeans to the close of Territorial Government, in 1816; comprehending A History of the Discovery, Settlement, and Civil and Military Affairs of the Territory of the U.S. Northwest of the River Ohio, and A General View of the Progress of Public Affairs in Indiana, from 1816 to 1856. More
CHAM. [Noe, Amédée Charles Henri, Comte de]
A la guerre comme a la guerre. Variantes lithographiques, sur le thême bien connu: Ah! quel plaisir d'être Soldat. More
Ai Ionioi Nhsoi ypo thn despoteian ths Enetias kai thn agglikhn prostasian kai h en aytais ellhnikh poihshs meta perilhpsews tinos ths arxaias aytwn istorias ypo ths komhsshs Doras D'Istrias, metafrasthenta ek toy Gallikoy ypo M. K. Rallh. [The Ionian Islands under the rule of Venice and the English protectorate and the Greek poetry there along with a summary of their ancient history by the countess Dora d'Istria, translated from French by M. K. Rallis]. More
Arithmetic. More
METZ, Jean de & Georges LEGRAIN.
Aux Pays de Napoléon. More
SEGAR, Sir William and EDMONDSON, Joseph.
Baronagium Genealogicum; or the Pedigrees of the English Peers... More
Bibliokrisia sto: Dionysioy Solwmoy aytografa erga, epimeleia L. Polith, Thessalonikh, 1964. Anatypo apo to periodiko Nea Estia, tomos 77, 1965, sel.338-344. [Book-review of: Autograph Works of Dionysios Solomos, ed. L. Politis, Thessalonica, 1964. Offprint from the periodical Nea Estia, vol. 77, 1965, pp.338-344] More
DARLING, Peter Stormfonth.
City Cinderella. The Life and times of Mercury asset Management. More
Correspondence Respecting An Ordinance Enacted in Cyprus Providing For the Execution of Public Works. More
Correspondence Respecting the Financial State of the Island of Cyprus Presented to both Houses of Parliament by command of Her Majesty. More
Cyprus No.1 (1880). Return Respecting Public Works in Cyprus. Presented to the house of commons by command of her Majesty... More
Cyprus No.9 (1879). Returns Respecting Public Works in Cyprus. And Respecting the Employment of Englishmen in that island...Presented to the house of commons by command of her Majesty... More
Cyprus. the Ports of Limassol and Larnaca. Report. More
Die Soldaten der Franzosischen Republik und des Kaiserreichs. Von Hippolyte Bellangé More
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