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ROMEO, Andreis.
A fine unused early 20th c. folio library ledger. More
BURTON, Richard. F.
A Plain and Literal Translation of the Arabian Nights Entertainments Now Entitled The Book of The Thousand Nights and a Night. With Introduction Explanatory Notes on the Manners and Customs of Moslem Men and a Terminal Essay Upon the History of the Nights. [with] The Supplemental Nights. More
LAVER, James.
A Stitch in Time; or Pride prevents a Fall. More
Agnwsth benetikh ekdosh ths 'Thysias toy Abraam'. [An unknown Venetian edition of the 'Sacrifice of Abraham']. More
Ai ypo twn Eptanhsiwn neoellhnikai metafraseis klassikwn syggrafewn.
Anatypwsis ek ths Episthmonikhs Epethridos ths Filosofikhs Sxolhs toy Panepisthmioy Athhnwn toy etoys 1963-1964. [The modern Greek translations of classical authors, made by Ionian islanders.
Offprint from the Scholarly Yearbook of the School of Philosophy of the University of Athens, year 1963-1964]. [59 sel., English summary at p.57].
. More
An Interpretation of Genesis. More
Apanta (epimeleia-prologos: M. Sigoyros). More
Bibliokrisia sto: Dionysioy Solwmoy aytografa erga, epimeleia L. Polith, Thessalonikh, 1964. Anatypo apo to periodiko Nea Estia, tomos 77, 1965, sel.338-344. [Book-review of: Autograph Works of Dionysios Solomos, ed. L. Politis, Thessalonica, 1964. Offprint from the periodical Nea Estia, vol. 77, 1965, pp.338-344] More
Bibliokrisia sto: G. G. Ladas kai A. D. Xatzhdhmos, Ellhnikh Bibliografia. Symbolh sto dekato ogdoo aiwna, Athhna, 1964. Anatypo apo ta Ellhnika (Thessalonikhs), tomos 20, 1967, [sel.470-475]. [Book-review of Ladas-Chatzidimos, Greek Bibliography. Contribution to the 18th century, Athens, 1964. Offprint from the periodical Ellinika (of Thessalonica), vol. 20, 1967, pp.470-475]. More
DICKENS, Charles.
Charles Dickens's Works. √Čdition de Luxe. More
[SCOTT, Walter].
Chronicles of the Canongate; by the author of "Waverley", &c. In two volumes. More
DARLING, Peter Stormfonth.
City Cinderella. The Life and times of Mercury asset Management. More
KENT, Alexander.
Command a King's ship. More
WOODWARD, Geo. Ratcliffe.
Cupid & Psyche. From the Latin of Apuleius done into English verse in nine cantos. More
Dyo anekdota grammata pros to Laskarato. Anatypo apo to Eptanhsiakon Hmerologion, 1963. [Two unpublished letters (addressed) to Laskaratos offprint from the periodical Eptanisiakon Imerologion, 1963, pp.57-62]. More
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