Natural History

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A fine album of pressed dried flowers from Surrey. More
GAYOT, Eugene.
Administration des Haras. Atlas Statistique de la Production des Chevaux en France; documents pour servir à l'histoire naturelle-agricole des races chevalines du pays... More
BARNARD, George.
Barnard's Trees. A new work consisting of Studies of Trees from Nature by George Barnard of Rugby School, author of "Landscape Painting in Water Colours", "Drawing from Nature" etc. Drawn on stone by the author, with foreign and home scenes of interest, and short descriptive letter press. More
Melling, M. Alder, M .
Bovine practice 2. More
Boden, E.
Bovine practice. More
British Preserve. Drawn and Etched by S. Howitt. More
Martin, M . Corcoran, B.
Cardiorespiratory diseases of the dog and cat. More
K., G.A.
Clarets and Sauternes. Classed growths of the Medoc and other famous red and white wines of the Gironde. More
Spicer, W .
Clinical bacteriology, mycology and parasitiology. More
Constantinescu, G.M.
Clinical dissection guide for large animals. More
Bojab, MJ.
Current techniques in small animal surgery. 3rd edition More
Das Orientalische Pferd und das Privat-Gestüte Seiner Majestät des Königs von Württhemberg. Eine hipplogische Monographie für Züchter, Freunde und Kenner von edeln Pferden. More
Doherty and Mulville.
Diagnosis and treatment of large animal diseases . More
Dukes Physiology of domestic animals. Tenth edition. More
Muir, W , Hubbell, JA.
Equine anesthesia monitoring and emergency therapy. More
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