Travel & Exploration

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BLAEU, Johan.
(Atlas). The third centenary edition of Johan Blaeu Le Grand Atlas Ou Cosmographie Blaviane. Amsterdam , 1663. Facsimile Edition. More
(Constantinople) Osterreise nach Constantinople 1901. More
REINHARDT, [Johan Christian].
A Collection of Swiss Costumes in Miniature. More
A History of Indiana, from its Earliest Exploration by Europeans to the close of Territorial Government, in 1816; comprehending A History of the Discovery, Settlement, and Civil and Military Affairs of the Territory of the U.S. Northwest of the River Ohio, and A General View of the Progress of Public Affairs in Indiana, from 1816 to 1856. More
A Journal of a Voyage from London to Savannah in Georgia. in two Parts. Part I. From london to Gibralter. Part II. from Gibralter to Savannah...The Second Edition. [with] A Continuation...from his arrival at Savannah to his return to London. The Second Edition [with] A Continuation...from his arrival at London, to his departure from thence on his way to Georgia. the Third Edition.[with] A Continuation...during the time he was detained in England by the embargo. The Fourth Edition. [with] A Continuation...from his embarking after the embargo, to his arrival at Savannah in Georgia. The Second Edition [with] A Continuation...after his arrival at Georgia, to a few days after his second return thither from Philadelphia [Second edition] [with] A Continuation...after his return to Georgia to his arrival at Falmouth...containing An account of the work of God at Georgia, Rhode-Island, New-England, New-York, Pennsylvania and South-Carolina [first two part in one edition]. More
A Journey through Spain in the years 1786 and 1787; with particular attention to the agriculture, manufactures, commerce, population, taxes, and revenue of that country; and remarks in passing through a part of France...Second Edition, with additions and Corrections. More
VIGNE, G.T. Esq. F.G.S.
A Personal Narrative of a Visit to Ghuzni, Kabul, and Afghanistan and of a Residence at the Court of Dost Mohamed: with notices of Bunjit Sing, Khiva, and the Russian Expedition. More
FULLER, Thomas.
A Pisgah-sight of Palestine and the confines thereof, with the History of the Old and New Testament acted thereon. More
SPEED, JOHN [KEERE, Pieter van den ]
A Prospect of the Most Famous Parts of the World [with] England Wales Scotland and Ireland Described and Abridged with ye Historical relation of things werthy memory from a farr Larger Volume Done by John Speed. More
CUST, Robert N.
A Sketch of the Modern Languages of the East Indies. Accompanied by Two Language Maps. More
A Visit to the Monastery of La Trappe, in 1817: with notes taken during a tour through Le Perche, Normandy, Bretagne, Poitou, Anjou, Le Bocage, Touraine, Orleanois, and the Environs of Paris. More
A Voyage to Cochinchina, in the Years 1792 and 1793: containing a General View of the Valuable Productions and the Political Importance of this Flourishing Kingdom; and also of such European Settlements as were visited on the Voyage: with Sketches of the Manners, Character, and Condition of their Several Inhabitants. To which is annexed an Account of a Journey, made in the Years 1801 and 1802, to the Residence of the Chief of the Booshuana Nation, being the Remotest Point in the Interior of Southern Africa to which Europeans have hitherto penetrated More
BROOKE, Arthur de Capell.
A Winter in Lapland and Sweden, with Various Observations Relating to Finmark and its Inhabitants; made during a Residence at Hammerfest, near the North Cape. More
BULLAR, Joseph.
A Winter in the Azores; and a Summer at the Baths of the Furnas. More
GAYOT, Eugene.
Administration des Haras. Atlas Statistique de la Production des Chevaux en France; documents pour servir à l'histoire naturelle-agricole des races chevalines du pays... More
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