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FADEN, William.

[Composite Atlas]
London Maps dated 1778-1806.

Folio. (59 x 46 cm.). [No title], printed contents leaf with one additional (South America) map listed in ms. Modern half pale tan calf over original marbled paper covered boards. 55 engraved maps, all but two (Gibraltar and Cape of Good Hope) with original hand-colour, the majority by Faden but including others by Laurie and Whittle, Bowles and Carver etc. PLUS 2 further maps i.e Isle of Wight by John Albin, 1805 (uncoloured) and Buckingham by John Smith,1801,(in contemporary hand- colour0 tipped in back to back on final leaf. The hemisphere maps trimmed just into engraved text, that of England, Wales and Scotland with small loss at left margin, some tears into engraved image, occasional mostly marginal staining, a few repairs.

Maps comprise1. Eastern Hemisphere, d/p, Faden 18022. Western Hemisphere, d/p, Faden 18023. Northern Hemisphere, d/p, Faden 18024. Southern Hemisphere, d/p, Faden 18025. [World on Mercator's Projection] A General Chart exhibiting the Discoveries made by Captn. James Cook in this and his two precedeing Voyages; with the Tracks of the Ships under his Command by Lieut. Roberts of His Majesty's Royal Navy. d/p anf additional fold. [Faden 1784].6. Europe. d/p, Faden 1791 (cloth backing to lower third)7. England Wales & Scotland [showing the] Cross Roads of Great Britain...d/p and additional fold. Faden, 1801 (tear at left centre fold)8. North Britain or Scotland. by Thos. Kitchen. d/p. Faden 1778.9. Ireland, d/p. Faden 179810. [Channel Islands] Jersey and Guernsey [etc] ,d/p, De la Rochette, 1781.11. British Channel..and Biscay...d/p Faden, 179412. North sea with the Kattegat...d/p and additional fold, Faden, 1791.13. Seven United Provinces..d/p Faden, 179414. Austrian Possessions in the Netherlands..d/p Faden, 178915. France divided into provinces d/p Faden, 179016. France divided into metropolitan circles.. d/p Faden, 179217. Northern part of France d/p Faden, 179518. South Eastern part of France... d/p Faden, 179919. Spain and Portugal ..d/p Faden, 179620. Portugal...d/p Faden, 179721. Coasts of Spain and Portugalwith the Blaearic Islands ..d/p Faden, 178022. Mediterranean Sea (western part)...d/p and additional fold Faden, 178523. Mediterranean Sea (eastern part)...d/p and additional fold [Faden, 1785]24. Gibraltar , .d/p Faden, 1783 (B & W)25. Italy [north] d/p and additional fold Faden, 180026. Italy [south] d/p and additional fold [Faden, 1800]27. [Switzerland] La Suisse ..d/p and additional fold Faden, 179928. German Empire...with post roads [divided into circles]..d/p and additional fold Faden, 178829. German Empire...with post roads [shewing principal states]...d/p and additional fold Faden, 178830. Great Britain's Dominions in Germany...d/p Faden, 178931. Poland and Grand Duchy of Lithuania...d/p Faden, 179932. Scandinavia ...d/p Faden, 179433. General Chart of the Baltic..and Finland ..d/p and additional fold Faden, 180334. Straits between Denmark and Sweden. s/p and additional fold ..Faden, 180235. Denmark..d/p Faden, 179036. Dutchy of Holstein...d/p Faden, 180437. Russian Empire (triple page)...Faden, 179438. Turkey in Europe ...d/p Faden, 179539. Greece Archipelago......d/p Faden, 179140. Asia..d/p Bowles & Carver..d/p41. Turkey in Asia..d/p, Laurie & Whittle, 179442. India..d/p Faden, 180043. Bengal..extra folding vewry large d/p, Faden 178644. India [Showing Acquisitions of Great Britain in 1792 and 1799 (North)], d/p Faden 179545. India [Showing Acquisitions of Great Britain in 1792 and 1799 (South)], d/p Faden 179546. Africa...d/p Faden 180347. Egypt...d/p Faden 180248. Cape of Good Hope. s/p, Faden 1795 (B & W)49. America or the New World...d/p Faden 179750. N.W. Coast of America and N.E. Coast of Asia..d/p Faden 179451. United States of North America...d/p Faden 179652. West India Islands..d/p Faden 179653. Antilles..or Caribs Islands...d/p Faden 1784[54]. 53* South America by E. Baker d/p R.Wilkinson 1806[55]. 54. Coast of Guyana. d/p, De La Rochette, 1783. PlusALBIN: Isle of Wight, s/p/ (B&W) 1805SMITH: Buckingham[shire] s/p 1801

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