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[Six Photogravures of Eskimos].
New York: Revillon Frères [c.1925]..

6 "copperplate engravings" (photogravures) being reproductions of photos of the inhabitants of the sub-arctic part of Eastern Canada. Images approx. 22x16 cm. on sheets 50x33 cm. (3 printed with blue ink, 3 printed with black ink) with captions on attached slips. Loose in portfolio with tissue guards interleaved and printed introductory leaf, housed in original grey board folding box. Ends of spine of box a trifle worn, generally excellent condition.

Robert Flaherty (1884-1951) was an American explorer and film maker who explored sub-arctic Canada from 1910 to 1916 and made the first commercially successful feature-length documentary film Nanook of the North in 1922.

Revillon Freres was a French fur and luxury goods company, founded in Paris in 1723. Then called la Maison Givelet, it was purchased by Louis-Victor Revillon in 1839 and soon, as Revillon Frères, became the largest fur company in France. Branches were opened in London in 1869 and in New York in 1878. At the end of the 19th century, Revillon had stores in Paris, London, New York, and Montreal.

According to the introduction: "These photographs, chosen from a collection of eighteen, were made during a series of five expeditions covering a period of eleven years. They were taken on behalf of our company [Revillon Frères] by Robert J. Flaherty..."

The label attached to this introductory sheet states "The remaining twelve photographs are for sale by G.P. Putnam's Sons..New York".

We have ascertained that there were in fact 3 different sets, each issued separately, of these photogravures, six to each. In 2013 PBA Galleries sold 2 sets, each with different image. There is no immediate record of the number of copies printed, but we suggest a very small edition as they seem to be quite scarce.

The subjects represented here are:

- The Huskie (The Wolf Dog of the Eskimos) [blue]

- Summer (August), Eskimo Kayak in Northeastern Hudson Bay [blue]

- The Hunter, Eskimo in the rough ice-fields at sea [blue]

- Nyla and child, Eteeveemuit Eskimo of Cape Dufferin, Northwest Ungava

- Allegoo (Shining Water) Sikoslingmuit Eskimo Woman, Southern Baffin Land

- Tooktoo (The Deer) Chief of Sikoslingmuit Eskimos, Southern Baffin Land.

Price £ 1750.00
Stock Code 51804
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