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Sketch Map of the Districts of St. Petersburg to be Supplied by the City of St. Petersburg New Waterworks Company Limited.

41 x 52.5 cm. Printed plan of St. Petersburg. Colour to the bodies of water, hatching to the built up areas. The names of the districts to be "newly" supplied with water - "Vieux Petersburg" (Peterburgskaya) and "Viborgskaya" (Vyborgskaya) and "Wassili Ostroff" (Vasilyevsky Island) are overprinted in red. Very good condition.

The company originally established to provide water to the city, "St. Petersburg Water Pipelines Joint Stock Company", was founded in 1858. The area supplied by this company (to the south of the Neva) is marked on the map as the "Old Waterworks District". In 1873 a new municipal company was formed, managed by English contractors, and the service expanded to include the areas immediately to the north of the Neva. The organisation is still in existance and goes by the name of "Vodokanal St. Petersburg".

Price £ 500.00
Stock Code 43146
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