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DAY, John Frederick Sigismund Charles, The Hon.
"2nd Commissioner". Judges. No. 23. More
RIGBY, Lord Justice.
"a blunt Lord Justice" More
PHILLIMORE, Walter George Frank, Sir, The Hon.
"A judicial Churchman". Judges. No. 53. More
"A Judicial Joker". Judges. No. 50. More
WALTON, The Hon. Joseph, Sir
"a lawyer on the Bench". Judges. No. 66. More
DE ROTZEN, Albert, Sir.
"a model magistrate" More
RUTZEN, Albert de, Mr.
"a Model Magistrate". Men of the Day. No. 788. Judges. More
WILLIAMS, Roland Lomax Vaughan, Lord Justice.
"a Rustic Judge". Judges. No. 54. More
SHAND, Alexander Burns.
"a Scots Lawyer". Judges. No. 61. More
SPIDDAL, Lord Morris of.
"an Irish lawyer". Judges. No. 41. More
BUCKLEY, Justice, Mr.
"Company Law" More
WEBSTER, Richard, Sir. Lord Alrenstone.
"Dick" More
BARRY, Lord Justice.
"Lord Justice Barry". Men of the Day. No. 453. Judge. More
LAWRENCE, Alfred Tristram, The Honourable, Sir.
"Lorry" Men of the Day. No. 1088. Judge. More
EADY, The Hon. Justice Swinfen, Mr
"plausible". Judges. No. 65. More
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