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International Review. Vol. XXXI. No. 304-305-306. Sweden in Literature. 1966.

(21 x 16 cm). pp. 104. Original printed wrappers with design by Jan Manker to upper cover and advertisements to lower cover. Generally very good.

Contributors to this issue: Graham Greene (Return of the Novelist); Göran Printz-Påhlson (Why Sweden?); Karl Vennberg (From 'Requiem'; Eyvind Johnson ('Interruption in Marshland'); Harry Martinson (On the Congo); Folke Isaksson (After Exodus); Stig Dagerman (Two a.m. in Klara); Gösta Oswald (Sinfonia Seria (II)); Lars Ahlin (After Years of Silence); Sivar Arnér (Obedience); Elmer Diktonius (Machine Song); Göran Print-Påhlson (Turing Machine); Lars Gustaffsson (The Dog); Tomas Tranströmer (A Man from Benin); Östen Sjöstrand (The Hidden Music); Sara Lidmen (Thoughts on Selma Lagerlöf); Kjell Espmark (The War of the Worlds); Birgitta Trotzig (Excerpts from a Diary); Göran Palm (The Megaphone of Poetry Park); Reidar Eknier (A Pair of Lovers Stand); Bo Setterland (The Violoncello); Kjell Espmark (Rebirth); Lars Ahlin (Progress without Apostasy); Eric Lindegren (By Shelley's Sea); Lars Gyllensten (From a Writer's Notebooks); Jörek Sahlgren Oswald (Gösta Oswald); Vilgot Sjöman (The Hat-box). ADAM was a literary review founded in Bucharest in 1929 and published in London between 1941 and 1995. Its title is an acronym for Art, Drama, Architecture and Music. From 1936 until his death in 1995 the periodical was edited by Miron Grindea who received an MBE and OBE for his work with the publication. ADAM had many illustrious contributors with articles by Sir Winston Churchill, T.S. Eliot, Pablo Neruda, Benjamin Britten and W.H. Auden appearing over the years as well as illustrations by Jean Cocteau, Pablo Picasso and Evelyn Waugh.

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