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Poihshs kai Pezografia ths Eptanhsoy. [Poetry and Prose Fiction of the Ionian Islands]. More
Eptanhsiaka Melethmata [Ionian Islands' Studies], t. B', Solwmos - Tertseths - Typaldos - Balawriths - Markoras - Thwmazaios - Symmeikta. [Solomos - Typaldos - Tertsetis - Markoras - Thomazaios - Miscellanea]. [Solomos - Typaldos - Tertsetis - Markoras - Thomazaios - Miscellanea. Department of Byzantine and Modern Greek Literature of the University of Athens]. More
ZERVOS, Christian.
L'Art De La Crète Néolithique et Minoenne. More
Iwannhs Laskaratos, Dialekseis peri ellhnwn poihtwn toy ITh' aiwnos [Dialekseis Filologikoy Syllogoy Parnassoy - 7]. ["Ioannis Laskaratos", Lectures on Greek Poets of the 19th c., (Lectures of the Literary Society 'Parnassos' - 7)]. More
La Boutique Décor...des créations modernes C.F.D. More
WOODWARD, Geo. Ratcliffe.
Cupid & Psyche. From the Latin of Apuleius done into English verse in nine cantos. More
WOODS, James.
A New Atlas & Gazetteer of the Isle of Man, consisting of seventeen highly-finished maps, compiled from original and uathentic sources, describing the civil and ecclesiatical boundaries of each parish, and the boundaries of the several baronies, freeholds, and quarterlands, as well asthe boundaries of the several farms as thery are now held in possession. Appended is an elaborate and comprehensive reference table, shewing the name of very proprietor of land in the island, with the manorial description and extent of land held by him; together with an appendix of useful and interesting information, by Jmaes Woods, Surveyor. More
Right on the Edge of Crazy. More
WILLS, Alfred.
The Eagle's Nest In the Valley of Sixt; A Summer Home among the Alps: Together with some Excursions Among the Great Glaciers. More
WILLIAMS, Liet.-Colonel and STAFFORD, W.C.
England's Battles by Sea and Land from the commencement of the great French Revolution to the present time including a Retrospective View of the Celebrated Epochs of British Military History. Also, a history of the Present Volunteer Movement. More
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