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"The Little Spring Book" More
(Asia). A Map of the Countries between Constantinople amd Calcutta including Turkey in Asia, Persia, Afghanistan & Turkestan. More
BLAEU, Johan.
(Atlas). The third centenary edition of Johan Blaeu Le Grand Atlas Ou Cosmographie Blaviane. Amsterdam , 1663. Facsimile Edition. More
TAYLOR, Arnold.
ALKEN, Henry Thomas.
3 Original signed drawings by Alken, including: [Fishing for Poor Jack] and [Quail and Pheasant Shooting]. More
(BROCK, H.M.) NICHOLS, Beverley.
A Book of Ballads Selected With an Introduction By Beverley Nichols and Illustrated By H.M. Brock. R.I. More
DOYLE, James E.
A Chronicle of England. B.C.55 - A.D.1485 Written and illustrated by James E. Doyle. The designs engraved and printed in colours by Edmund Evans. More
REINHARDT, [Johan Christian].
A Collection of Swiss Costumes in Miniature. More
A Compendious Geographical and Historical Grammar...[First Edition] [with] A Compendious Geographical Dictionary containing a concise description of the most remarkable places...and An Introduction exhibiting a view of the Newtonian System of the Planets, &c. The Second Edition... [with] A Dictionary of the English language...The Fifth Edition. More
WARE, Isaac.
A Complete Body of Architecture. Adorned with Plans and Elevations, from original Designs. In which are interspersed some Designs of Inigo Jones, never before published. More
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