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[ACLAND, Henry]. LEWIS, Frederick Christian.
The Plains of Troy. More
Vue du Port et la Ville de Lamekk dans Larabie a 5 lieues de la Mer Rouge. More
[HERZ, Johann Daniel]
Jerusalem More
Map of Tokyo. More
SCHEDEL, Hartmann.
(Jerusalem) Destruccio Iherosolime. More
DAPPER, Olfert. (after HOLLAR, Wenceslas)
Jerusalem. More
SEUTTER, Matheus
Asia cum omnibus Imperiis Provinciis, Statibus et Insulis More
Arabia, Egypt, Abyssinia, Red Sea &c. More
Stanford's Map of the Empires of China and Japan with the adjacent parts of the Russian Empire India, Burma &c . More
(Cairo). Cairus, quae olim Babylon; Aegypti Maxima urbs More
A chronological & Geographical chart from the Commencement of the Gospel Narrative to the Ascension of our Lord...[with] A Key to the Chronological and Geographical Chart, delineating the Rise and Progress of the Christian Dispensation from the Commencement of the Gospel Narrative to the Ascension of Our Lord: having a complete historical table in the margins, with about 600 references to the Gospels; all Our Lord's journeys exhibited; every event localized, and twenty five vignette embellishments of the most remarkable particulars, engraved on the places of their occurrence from designs by the Old Masters, in bold outline, by J. C. Zeitter. Arranged according to Greswell's "Harmonia Evangelica". More
China More
Geological Map of the "Territory" of Papua. By Evan R. Stanley F.G.S., Government Geologist. 1923. Including data from the maps byA. Gibb Maitlan, J.E. Carne, Dr. A. Wade geologists of Anglo Persian Oil. Coy. & others.... More
CASSINI, Giovanni Maria.
L'Asia Minore divisa nelle sue parti o Provincie. More
Malaya 1950...Scale 12 Miles to an Inch...Modified Polyconic Projection. More
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