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British Isles. More
England. More
Stanford's Library Map of England and Wales constructed on the Basis of the Ordnance Survey and the Census and Adapted to the Various Branches of Civil and Regligious Administration. Wilth Railways & Stations, Roads, Canals, Principal Parks, Antiquities and other places of Interest. More
[SPEED, John.]
The Kingdome of England. More
England I. More
England III. More
Liverpool. More
Anciens Royaumes De Kent, D'Essex, et De Sussex ou sont Aujourdhuy les Comtés Kent, D'Essex, Middlessex, Et Hartford De Sussex, Et Surrey. Avecq le Pas De Calais, et Partie des Costes du Pays Bas, de Picardie, et Normandie. More
A New Map of England Scotland and Ireland. More
RAMSAY, Andrew C.
Geological Map of England & Wales...Fourth Edition. More
[PORCACCHI, Thomaso].
Inghilterra. More
PITTERI, G. [Drawn by] and ZULIANI, G. [Engraver]. [ZATTA, Antonio].
Parte Settentrionale dell' Inghilterra e del Principato di Galles Di Nuova Projezione. More
MORDEN, Rob[er]t. STU[A]RT, John (engraver).
Britannia Saxonica. More
[MORDEN, Robert]
Britannia Saxonica [Saxon England]. More
MOGG, Edward.
Mogg's Map of Steam Navigation. Map of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland with the Adjacent Parts of the Continent, from Amsterdam to Paris and Brest; To which are added, the Tracts Pursued by the Packets, in their passage to the Several Outports and the Continent; thereby presenting an accurate representation of the present state of steam navigation by Edward Mogg. More
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