Central / Eastern Europe

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[BARTON, W, KOTSCHY, Theodor & SIMONY, Fr. Ulrich ]
Geognostiche Karte Tirols, aufgenommen und herausgegeben auf Kosten des geognost: montanist: Vereins von Tirol u. Vorarlberg. 1849 Publisher: 1849 More
General Chart of the Baltic or East Sea, including the Gulfs of Botnia and Finland Compiled from the Surveys made by Order of the Admiralties of Copenhagen, Stockholm and St. Petersburg. More
HOMANN, Johann Baptist.
Regni Hungariæ Tabula Generalis ... More
Prussian Dominions [Poland]. More
CORONELLI, [Vicenzo Maria].
Comora, ... More
(BOHEMIA). GRAF, K. (ed). [drawn by] MUELLER, A. & GREYER. C.V.
Kralovstvi Ceske. More
[SPEED, John]. KEERE, Pieter van den. (engr.).
Hungaria. More
Central Europe. Austria-Hungary. More
PEUCKER, Karl, Dr.
Serbisch = Österreichisch-Ungarische Grenzländer. More
BERTIUS, Petrus.
Brixtensis Episcopatus. More
[MERIAN, Matthaus after] COMENIO, I.A. [Aka COMENIUS]
Moravia Marchionatus. More
[SPEED, John]. KEERE, Pieter van den. (engr.).
Bohemia. More
(ESCAPE MAP) AAF (Army Air Force) Cloth Chart.
Mediterranean Series. The Tyrol (No.4) and the Balkans (No.6). More
Austria More
South Eastern Europe. [Italy, the Balkans and Greece] More
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