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SPRATT, Captain T[homas]. A[bel]. B[rimage].

Candia or Crete [comprising] Eastern Part [and] Western Part Surveyed by Capt. T. Spratt, Lieut. A.L. Mansell, Messr J. Stokes, G.R. Wilkinson & E.W. Brookes, H.M.S. Spitfire, 1852. London: Admiralty. 1864.

2 large charts drawn by J.Powell, engraved by J. & C. Walker. 65 x 101 cm. and 71 x 101 cm. respectively, each dissected into 24 sections and backed onto linen. Various inset coastal profiles and 2 good views of Megalo Hastron and Khania. Linen backing soiled, maps with minor blemishes but generally clean.

First published 1858, this issue with corrections to 1864.
Captain Thomas Spratt, (1811-1888) author of Travels and Researches in Crete (1865). "During his long career in the Mediterranean he not only rendered great service to the seamen and the navigators of all nations by his numerous and excellent surveys, but his cultured taste and his scientific training enabled him to combine with his practical contributions to navigation the classical and geological history of the various islands of the Grecian Archipelago, the coasts of Asia Minor, and other portions of the Mediterranean Sea." (Richards).

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