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[FADEN, W.] ROCHETTE, L.S. de la
A Chart of the Coasts of Spain and Portugal, with the Balearic Islands, and Part of the Coast of Barbary. More
A correct Chart of the Bay of Biscay, Part of the Western Ocean & Mediterranean Sea Describing the Coasts of Spain and Portugal, with Part of France, From Morlais to Valencia; ... More
BASIRE, I[saac]. (Engraver).
A Draught of the Bay of Bulls [near Cadiz] between the Town of Rotta and Fort St. Catherine, under the Command of his Grace the Duke of Ormond; with the disposition of the Frigates which were ordered to stand in by the Shore, to favour the Landing; as also the Situation of the Ground and Bay, with that of the Enemy's Batteries and Troops. More
A Map of America or the New World, wherein are introduced all the known parts of the Western Hemisphere From the Map of d'Anville with the necessary alterations and the addition of the Discoveries made since the Year 1761. More
A Map Of The Kingdoms Of Spain and Portugal ... More
[SDUK]. WALKER, J. & C. (engr).
Ancient Spain & Portugal Hispania or Iberia. More
MALLET, Allain Manesson.
Cadis. More
[MERCATOR, Gerard & HONDIUS, Jodocus].
Castilia Vetus et Nova. More
[MERCATOR, Gerard & HONDIUS, Jodocus].
Hispania nova Descript. More
[SPEED, John. KEERE, Pieter van den. (engr.)].
Hispania. More
PITTERI, G. [Drawn by] and ZULIANI, G. [Engraver]. [ZATTA, Antonio].
Isole di Majorca, D'Ivica, e di Formentera Di Nuova Projezione. More
ZATTA, Antonio.
L'Estremadura e la Castiglia Nuova Di Nuova Projezione. More
ZATTA, Antonio.
La Catalogna Li Regni Di Aragona, Ed Alta Navarra Di Novißima Projezione. More
ZATTA, Antonio.
Li Regni Di Spagna E Portogallo divisi Nelle Sue Provincie di Nuove Projezione. More
Madrid. More
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