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ADAM, V[ictor]
[Moscow]. Moscou. Basilique de Saint Basile. More
COOK, Henry.
Vineyard Gate, Tivoli. Drawn from Nature and on Stone. More
View of the N.E. End of Clapham Common. More
View from the Mount Pond, on Clapham Common, looking N.E. More
MELLINI, Gustavo.
Veduta Di Livorno - View of Leghorn. More
ZOCCHI, Giuseppi.
Veduta della Chiesa e Piazza S. Maria Novella con la Festa della Corsa de Cocchi More
MORRONA, A. & F. FAMBRINI (engraver).
Veduta dei quattro rinomati Edifizj della Città di Pisa. 1. Duomo - 2. S. Giovanni - 3. Campanile - 4. Campo Santo. More
BOWLES, John (pub.)
The West side of the Bridge of Rialto with teh adajacent Publick Buildings. More
COOK, Henry.
The Valley of the Lima, Baths of Lucca. Drawn from Nature and on Stone. More
LE CAPELAIN, John (drawn by). CARRICK, R. (lithographed).
The Queen’s Visit to Jersey. September 3rd. 1846. [Title page with vignette of a Jersey lane.] More
The New Gallery of the Vatican Library at Rome with the Cornishes Ornamented with Etrusian Vases. La Galarie Nouvelle de la Bibliotheque Vaticane a Rome. Avec les Corniches Ornees des Vases Etrusiens. More
LEAR, Edward.
The Citadel of Corfu. More
COOK, Henry.
The Cascatella Tivoli Drawn from Nature and on Stone. More
ROBSON, G.F. (del.) W.J. Bennet (eng.)
Stratford Upon Avon. The Grave of Shakspeare is situated between the windows seen in the church. "His good remembrance lies richer in your thoughts, than on his tomb." More
LE CAPELAIN, John (drawn by). CARRICK, R. (lithographed).
St. Catherine’s Bay, Jersey. More
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