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SEFTON, The Earl of.
The Earl of Sefton. Statesmen. No. 635. More
DARTMOUTH, The Earl of.
The Earl of Dartmouth. Statesmen. No. 658. More
The Gladstone Cabinet. A Cabinet Council, 1883.
Statesmen. More
RICHARD, Henry, Mr.
sir joseph whitwell pease More
RICHARD, Henry, Mr.
sir joseph whitwell pease More
CADORNA, Charles, The Chevalier
No.122. "A liberal and an enemy to priests : he fitly represents the Power which has seized Rome and suppressed the Pope". Statesmen, No.76. More
BERESFORD-HOPE, Alexander J., Mr.
No. 97. "Batavian grace." Statesmen. No. 63. More
No. 96. "The cool of the evening." Statesmen. No. 62. More
BULWER, Henry L.E., Sir.
No. 95. "A superannuated diplomat." Statesmen. No. 61. More
No. 94. "He was made a Statesman because he was a soldier." Statesmen. No. 60. More
No. 93. "A Jesuit in disguise." Statesmen. No. 59. More
No. 92. "He fell off his horse into the Peerage." Statesmen. No. 58. More
GORDON-LENNOX, Henry G.C., Lord.
No. 91. "A man of Fashion and Politics." Statesmen. No. 57. More
ELCHO, Lord.
No. 90. "His course has been if not wise, yet a consistent one, and dictated by conscience only." Statesmen. No. 56. More
WESTMINSTER, The Marquis of.
No. 89. "The richest man in England." Statesmen. No. 55. More
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