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SEFTON, The Earl of.
The Earl of Sefton. Statesmen. No. 635. More
DARTMOUTH, The Earl of.
The Earl of Dartmouth. Statesmen. No. 658. More
The Gladstone Cabinet. A Cabinet Council, 1883.
Statesmen. More
RICHARD, Henry, Mr.
sir joseph whitwell pease More
RICHARD, Henry, Mr.
sir joseph whitwell pease More
CADORNA, Charles, The Chevalier
No.122. "A liberal and an enemy to priests : he fitly represents the Power which has seized Rome and suppressed the Pope". Statesmen, No.76. More
DALGLISH, Robert, Mr.
No. 330. "The most popular man in the House of Commons." Statesmen. No. 145. More
WALLACE, Richard, Sir.
No. 265. "The Hertford Property." Statesmen. No. 160. More
No. 264. "A Relic." Statesmen. No. 159. More
HOGG, James MacNaghten, Colonel.
No. 263. "Board of Works." Statesmen. No. 158. More
HARRINGTON, The Earl of.
No. 260. "An unexpected Earl." Statesmen. No. 157. More
HAMILTON-DOUGLAS, William Alexander Louis Stephen, Duke of Hamilton.
No. 259. "Premier Peer of Scotland." Statesmen. No. 156. More
No. 257. "and Stratheden." Statesmen. No. 155. More
COLLINS, Thomas, Mr.
No. 253. "Noisy Tom." Statesmen. No. 153. More
WILTON, The Earl of.
No. 251. "The Commodore." Statesmen. No. 152. More
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