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DISRAELI, Benjamin, The Right Hon.
No. 13. "He educated the Tories and dished the Whigs to pass Reform, but to have become what he is from what he was is the greatest reform of all." Statesmen. No. 1. More
GLADSTONE, William E., The Right Hon.
No. 14. "Were he a worse man, he would be a better statesman." Statesmen. No. 2. More
JAMES, Henry, Sir.
"Nervous". Statesmen. No. 164. Lawyer. More
MILL, John Stuart, Mr.
No. 230. "A Feminine Philosopher." Statesmen. No. 141. Philosopher More
CHURCHILL, Randolph Henry Spencer, The Right Hon. Lord.
"in a new character". Statesmen. No. 557. More
BEACONSFIELD, The Earl of, and CORRY, Montagu, Mr.
"Power & Place". Statesmen. More
GREVY, Jules, M.
"the French Republic". Statesmen. No. 309. More
Gladstone, William Ewart, The Right Hon.
"The Grand Old Man". Statesmen. No. 532. More
Mr Gladstone in 1869. Drawn by the late Carlo Pellegrim. More
OXFORD, Bishop of.
No. 38. "Not a brawler". Statesmen. No. 25. More
HATHERLEY, Lord, Lord High Chancellor.
No. 20. "When he who has too little piety is impossible, and he who has too much is impracticable; he who has equal piety and ability becomes Lord Chanceller." Statesmen. No. 7. More
LAYARD, Austen Henry, The Right Hon.
No. 43. "He combines the love of truths and art with equal devotion and success." Statesmen. No. 30. Author. More
COLLIER, Robert P., Sir.
No. 68. "Sir John Coleridge serves under him." Statesmen. No. 41. Lawyer. More
GREELEY, Horace, Mr. Candidate for the Presidency of the United States.
"Anything to beat Grant." Statesmen. No. 118. More
"Cabs". Statesmen. No. 758. More
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