Art & Architecture

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(MORO, Marco.) FONTANA, Gianjacobo & CRILANOVICH, Leopold
Venezia Monumentale Pittoresca. Palazzi..... Opera graziosamente accolta dalla Maesta di Vittorio Eme.II Re d'Italia. Riprodotto per festeggiare il memorando ingresso in Venezia della stessa Maesta Sua il giorno 7 Novembre 1866. Parte 1ma. I Palazzi (only). More
PIERRE, Gustave.
Charbonnages Hensies Pommeroeul. 25 Anniversaire.1937. Album. Typographie de Louis Picon. More
Aqua Pictura. Illustrated by a Series of Original Specimens from the works of Messrs. Payne, Munn, Francia, Samuel, Varley, Wheatley, Young, Christal, Cartwright, Girtin, Clennel, Cox, Prout, Hills, Dewint, Owen, Glover, Turner, Loutherbourg, &c. &c. Exhibiting the works of the most approved modern water coloured draftsmen, with their style & method of touch, engraved and finished in progressive examples....Second edition. More
LEWIS, John F.
Lewis's Sketches and Drawings of the Alhambra, made during a Residence in Granada in the Years 1833-4. Drawn on Stone by J.D. Harding, R.J. Lane, A.R.A., W. Gauci & John F. Lewis. More
Théorie de Fabrique. More
WARE, Isaac.
A Complete Body of Architecture. Adorned with Plans and Elevations, from original Designs. In which are interspersed some Designs of Inigo Jones, never before published. More
VOGEL, Lucien.
Gazette du Bon Ton. Arts, modes & frivolités. 1920. Tome II. More
GARNIER, Édouard.
The Soft Porcelain of Sèvres. With an historical introduction by Édouard Garnier. 50 Plates Representing 250 Water-Colour Subjects after the Originals. More
Lettres et Enseignes Art Nouveau. 1ére Série. More
La Saint-Guy. Petit atlas de pathologie externe à l'usage des gens du monde... More
FLEURY, Georges Rohault de.
La Toscane au Moyen Age Architecture civile et militaire par Georges Rohault de Fleury. More
GUYER, Hans.
Zürcherische Seidenwebschule Zürich. Kurs 1930/31. Bindungslehre und Dekomposition. More
Antiquities of Ionia. Part the First [&] Part the Second. More
The Square Book of Animals. Rhymes by Arthur Waugh. More
Suburban & Rural Architecture. English and Foreign. More
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