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ZATTA, Antonio.
Atlante Novissimo, Illustrato ed accresciuto sulle osservazioni, e scoperte fatte dai più recenti geografi. More
WOODS, James.
A New Atlas & Gazetteer of the Isle of Man, consisting of seventeen highly-finished maps, compiled from original and uathentic sources, describing the civil and ecclesiatical boundaries of each parish, and the boundaries of the several baronies, freeholds, and quarterlands, as well asthe boundaries of the several farms as thery are now held in possession. Appended is an elaborate and comprehensive reference table, shewing the name of very proprietor of land in the island, with the manorial description and extent of land held by him; together with an appendix of useful and interesting information, by Jmaes Woods, Surveyor. More
Neuste Länder und Völkerkunde ein geographisches Lesebuch für alle Stände. More
Atlas Universel. . More
PHILIP, George (Ed.).
Mercantile Marine atlas. A Series of 42 plates containing over 200 charts and plans with tables of 12,000 distances between ports...., national and commercial flags, cable oiling stations and wireless telegraphy charts.... with list of wireless telegraphy stations,...and complete index of 20000 ports, &c. Twelfth Edition. More
Australia: Comprising New South Wales; Victoria or Port Philip; South Australia; and Western Australia: their History, Topography, Condition, Resources, Statistics, Gold Discoveries, Mines of Copper, Lead etc., etc.; General information for emigrants, merchants, manufacturers, and shipowners; with the latest official intelligence, published under the authority of Her Majesty's Government. More
Mellin's Atlas of the World containing seventy-two maps of reliable Geographical Information in the smallest possible space. More
MARTIN, R. Montgomerie (ed.)
Tallis's Illustrated Atlas and Modern history of the World,...ed. by R. Montgomery Martin. More
MALLET, Allain Manesson.
Description de l'Univers, contenant les differents systemes du monde, les cartes generales & particulieres de la Geographie Ancienne & Moderne: les Plans & les Profils des principales Villes & des autres lieux plus considerables de la Terre; avec les Portraits des Souverains qui y commandent, leurs Blasons, Titres & Livrées: et les Moeurs, Religions, Gouvernemens & divers habillemens de chaque Nation.. More
LIZARS, William Home.
Lizars' Edinburgh geographical general atlas : containing maps of every empire, state, and kingdom; with a tabular view of the heights of the great mountain chains, and a very copious and comprehensive consulting index Compiled, drawn, and engraved, from the latest and most authentic sources. The maps of the new British colonies upon an extra large scale; and the whole engraved upon sixty-nine plates. More
JOANNE, Adolphe.
Itinéraire Général de la France par Adolphe Joanne. Les Pyrénées avec 7 cartes, 1 plan, 9 panoramas et une projection de la chaine des Pyrénées. 3e édition revue et corrigée. More
FULLER, Thomas.
A Pisgah-sight of Palestine and the confines thereof, with the History of the Old and New Testament acted thereon. More
FÖRSTER, Ernst, Dr.
Handbuch für Reisende in Italien...achte verbesserte und vermehrte auflage. Erster Theil. Reisen nach uind in Italien bis Florenz. More
FER, Nicolas de. (1646-1720)
Introduction a la Geographie Avec une Description Historique Sur toutes les parties de la Terre ... Seconde Edition. Augmentée des Longitudes et Latitudes des Principales Villes. Suivant des dernieres observations. More
[DE AGOSTINI, Giovanni (ed.) VESVOLDO, Nicouline (illus) LAENG, Gualiteiero (text)]
Imago Italiae. Paesaggio, opere, vita. [with supplement] Corsica. More
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