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The Book of the Thousand Nights and a Night. Translated from the Arabic by Captain Sir. R.F. Burton. Reprinted from the original edition and edited by Leonard C. Smithers in Twelve Volumes. More
The Works. of Beaumont and Fletcher, in fourteen volumes: with an introduction and explanatory notes, by Henry Weber, Esq. More
The Book of Household Management; comprising information for the mistress, housekeeper, cook, kitchen-maid, butler, footman, coachman, valet, parlour-maid, house-maid, lady’s-maid, general sevant, laundry-maid, nurse and nurse-maid, monthly, wet and sick nurse, governess. Also, sanitary, medical, & legal memoranda; with a history of the origin, properties, and uses of all things connected with home life nad comfort...Entirely New Edition...Six hundred and eighty-fifth thousand. More
BELL, Andrew & TYTLER James (eds.).
Encyclopaedia Britannica Or, a Dictionary of Arts, Sciences. &c..On a plan entirely new: by which the different sciences and arts are digested into the form of distinct treaties or systems, comprehending the history, theory, and practice, of each, according to the latest discoveries and improvements; and full explanations given of the various detached parts of knowledge, whether relating to natural and artificial objects, or to matters ecclesiastical, civil, military, commercial, &c. Together with a description of all the countries, cities, principal mountains, seas, rivers, &c. throughout the world a general history, ancient and modern, of the differenct empires, kingdoms, and states; and an account of the lives of the most eminent persons in every nation, from the earliest ages down to the present times. The whole compiled from the writings of the best authors, in several languages; the most approved dictionaries, as well of general science as of particular branches; the transactions, jounnals, and memoirs, of learned societies, both at home and abroad; the MS. lectures of eminent professors on different sciences; and a variety of original materials, furnished by an extensive correspondence..Second Edition; greatly improved and enlarged. More
BELL, John (Publisher).
The Poets of Great Britain Complete from Chaucer to Churchill. More
The National Comprehensive Family Bible. The Holy Bible with the Commentaries of Scott and Henry and Containing also Many Thousand Critical and Explanatory Notes Selected from the Great standard Authors of Europe and America. The Commentaries Condensed and the Whole Edited by Rev. John Eadie. More
The Imperial Family Bible, containing The Old and New Testaments, according to the Most Approved Copies of the Authorized Version. with Many Thousand Critical, Explanatory, and Practical Notes; Also References, Readings, chronological Tables, and Indexes. Illustrated By a Superb Series of Engravings From the Most Admired Productions of Ancient and Modern Art. More
or, Microscope of Fashion and Folly for the Year 1791... 1792...1793...1794...1795. More
BORROW, George.
The Works... Edited with much hitherto unpublished manuscript by Clement Shorter. Norwich Edition. More
The Aldine Edition of the British Poets. More
The Aldine Edition of the British Poets. More
BURTON, Richard F.
The Book of the Thousand Nights and a Night. A Plain and Literal Translation of the Arabian Nights Entertainments. Translated and annotated by Richard F. Burton. More
CHURCHILL, Randolph S.; GILBERT, Martin.
Winston S. Churchill. [Biography]. More
CHURCHILL, Sir Winston.
The Collected Works. More
CHURCHILL, The Right Honourable Winston S.
Marlborough, His Life and Times. More
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