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Iwannhs Laskaratos, Dialekseis peri ellhnwn poihtwn toy ITh' aiwnos [Dialekseis Filologikoy Syllogoy Parnassoy - 7]. ["Ioannis Laskaratos", Lectures on Greek Poets of the 19th c., (Lectures of the Literary Society 'Parnassos' - 7)]. More
WILLIAMS, Liet.-Colonel and STAFFORD, W.C.
England's Battles by Sea and Land from the commencement of the great French Revolution to the present time including a Retrospective View of the Celebrated Epochs of British Military History. Also, a history of the Present Volunteer Movement. More
WARD, Adolphus William.
The Electress Sophia and the Hanoverian Succession. More
Kefallhniaka Symmeikta. Symbolai eis thn istorian kai laografian ths nhsoy Kefallhnias eis tomoys treis. T.A', Biografika - Oikwn Istoriai - Dhmosieymata. [Kephallonian Miscellany. Contributions to the history and folklore of the island of Kephallonia in three volumes. Vol.I: Biographies - History of Houses - Publications]. More
STRUTT, Joseph (1749 - 1802).
The Regal and Ecclesiastical Antiquities of England; containing the Representations of all the English Monarchs, from Edward the
Confessor to Henry the Eighth; and of many persons that were eminent under their several reigns; on sixty copper plates, engraved by the author; with a supplement, containing twelve plates. The whole carefully collected from ancient illuminated manuscripts. A new and improved edition with critical and
explanatory notes by J. R. Planche. More
SMITH, Sydney, The Rev.
The Works More
Lykønskningsskrift til Københavns Universitet ved dets Firehundredaars stiftelsesfest fra det store kongelige bibliotek. Fragmentum Codicis Membranacei Historiae Danicae Saxonis Grammatici. More
Salbanoy, B.G., H Ionios Akadhmia: o idryths ayths Komis Gylford, oi kathhghtai kai spoydastai ayths. [The Ionian Academy: its founder, Count Guilford, its professors and students]. More
SACKLER, Dr. Arthur M. et al.
Piranesi Drawings and Etchings at the Avery Architectural Library Columbia University, New York. More
ROLLIN, Charles.
Histoire Ancienne des Egyptiens des Carthaginois, des Assyriens, des Babyloniens, des Medes et des Perses, des Macedoniens, des Grecs...Nouvelle edition. More
Her Majesty's Army. A descriptive account of the various regiments now comprising the Queen's forces, from their first establishment to the present time. [with] Her Majesty's Indian and Colonial Forces. More
REID, Alan.
The Gorton Experiment. More
Ai Ionioi Nhsoi ypo thn despoteian ths Enetias kai thn agglikhn prostasian kai h en aytais ellhnikh poihshs meta perilhpsews tinos ths arxaias aytwn istorias ypo ths komhsshs Doras D'Istrias, metafrasthenta ek toy Gallikoy ypo M. K. Rallh. [The Ionian Islands under the rule of Venice and the English protectorate and the Greek poetry there along with a summary of their ancient history by the countess Dora d'Istria, translated from French by M. K. Rallis]. More
Types Militaires de l'Armée Suisse. Collection de 15 feuilles représentant tous les vorps de l'Armée Fédérale. Dessinée par C. Perron. Imprimée par Lemercier. More
Mural Painting of the Mexican Revolution. More
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