History & Economics

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DOYLE, James E.
A Chronicle of England. B.C.55 - A.D.1485 Written and illustrated by James E. Doyle. The designs engraved and printed in colours by Edmund Evans. More
A collection for the improvement of husbandry and trade.... Now revised...by Richard Bradley More
A diamond or Rich Jewel : presented to the Common-wealth of England, for inriching of the nation; being necessary for the use of all marchants and tradesmen, and advantagious to the poor: wherein is declared a way, 1 How all forraign moneys may pass in England, and gain the merchants 10 percent. and to put off our English coyn into other countries. To settle a banke in London for furnishing all trades with money, and to quit the nation of beggars... 8. To settle an insurance office cheap, and not to pay above five in the hundred for insurance from pirats in all parts of Europe and America More
[MUN, Thomas]
A Discourse of Trade, from England unto the East-Indies. More
A History of Greece...New edition. More
A History of Indiana, from its Earliest Exploration by Europeans to the close of Territorial Government, in 1816; comprehending A History of the Discovery, Settlement, and Civil and Military Affairs of the Territory of the U.S. Northwest of the River Ohio, and A General View of the Progress of Public Affairs in Indiana, from 1816 to 1856. More
A History of the English-Speaking Peoples. More
A History of the English-Speaking Peoples. More
CHAM. [Noe, Amédée Charles Henri, Comte de]
A la guerre comme a la guerre. Variantes lithographiques, sur le thême bien connu: Ah! quel plaisir d'être Soldat. More
CHILD, Josiah
A New Discourse of Trade, wherein is recommended several weighty points relating to companies of merchants. The act of navigation. Naturalization of strangers. And our woollen manufacturers. The balance of trade.... More
Ai Ionioi Nhsoi ypo thn despoteian ths Enetias kai thn agglikhn prostasian kai h en aytais ellhnikh poihshs meta perilhpsews tinos ths arxaias aytwn istorias ypo ths komhsshs Doras D'Istrias, metafrasthenta ek toy Gallikoy ypo M. K. Rallh. [The Ionian Islands under the rule of Venice and the English protectorate and the Greek poetry there along with a summary of their ancient history by the countess Dora d'Istria, translated from French by M. K. Rallis]. More
TREVERS, Joseph.
An Essay to the Restoring of our Decayed Trade. Wherein is described, the Smugglers, Lawyers, and Officers Frauds, &c. More
An Essay, for Regulating of the Coyn Wherein Is Also Set Forth, I. How We Have Lost That Import of Plate and Bullion We Formerly Had, II. What Is Become of the Great Quantities of Money Coyned in the Reign of King More
Arithmetic. More
METZ, Jean de & Georges LEGRAIN.
Aux Pays de Napoléon. More
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