History & Economics

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MOTLEY, John Lothrop.
Works. (History of the Dutch Republic et al.). More
CHURCHILL, Randolph S.; GILBERT, Martin.
Winston S. Churchill. [Biography]. More
BLUNT, John James, The Rev.
Vestiges of Ancient Manners and Customs, discoverable in modern Italy and Sicily. More
Types Militaires de l'Armée Suisse. Collection de 15 feuilles représentant tous les vorps de l'Armée Fédérale. Dessinée par C. Perron. Imprimée par Lemercier. More
KONOMOS, Nt. (ed.)
Tomos E' 1964 ("Eptanhsiakos Typos, 1798-1864: hmifylla, fylladia, efhmerides kai periodika", syntakths kai ekdoths: Nt. Konomos). [Eptanisiaka Fylla (periodical), vol. 5, 1964. ("Ionian Press, 1798-1864: pamphlets, newspapers and periodicals", ed. Nt. Konomos)]. More
To Xroniko ths Athwniadas. Dokimio istorias ths sxolhs me bash anekdota keimena. [The Chronicle of Athoniada. An essay on the history of the School, based on unpublished texts]. More
To xroniko ths aixmalwsias toy Hlia Zerboy Iakwbatoy.
Anatypo apo to periodiko Nea Estia, tomos 91, 1972, sel.646-653. [The chronicle of the capture of Ilias Zervos Iakovatos. Offprint from the periodical Nea Estia, vol. 91, 1972, pp.646-653] More
To syntagmatikon kathestws twn Ioniwn Nhswn (apo ths apoikiokratikhs aytonomias eis thn dhmokratikhn aneksarthsian). Anatypon ek ths "Neas Estias", Teyxos Xristoygennwn, 899/1964. [The constitutional status of the Ionian Islands (from colonial autonomy to democratic independence). Offprint from Nea Estia, Christmas volume, 899/1964], [34 sel.]. More
To oneiro sth Logotexnia, apo aformh to pezografhma toy Strath Myribhlh 'Panagia h Gorgona'. Anatypo apo to periodiko Nea Estia, teyxos 1033, ths 15hs Ioylioy 1970, sel.972-979. [The dream in literature, with Stratis Myrivilis's novel "Madonna the Mermaid" as a starting point. Offprint from the periodical Nea Estia, vol.1033, 15 July 1970, pp.972-979] More
[POTTER, William]
The Trades-man's Jewel: or, A safe, easie, speedy and effectual means for the incredible advancement of trade and multiplication of riches : shewing how men of indifferent estates may abundantly increase both their own and other mens trading and riches ... by making their bills to beome current in stead of money. More
FAIRMAN, William.
The stocks examined and compared or, a guide to purchasers in public funds. ....the Fourth Edition More
FAIRMAN, William.
The stocks examined and compared or, a guide to purchasers in public funds. ....the Fifth Edition More
STRUTT, Joseph (1749 - 1802).
The Regal and Ecclesiastical Antiquities of England; containing the Representations of all the English Monarchs, from Edward the
Confessor to Henry the Eighth; and of many persons that were eminent under their several reigns; on sixty copper plates, engraved by the author; with a supplement, containing twelve plates. The whole carefully collected from ancient illuminated manuscripts. A new and improved edition with critical and
explanatory notes by J. R. Planche. More
FABER, George Stanley.
The Origin of Pagan Idolatry Ascertained from Historical Testimony and Circumstantial Evidence. More
CARTER, Jimmy.
The Nobel Peace Prize Lecture. Delivered in Oslo on the 10th of December 2002. More
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