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CHURCHILL, Sir Winston.
The Collected Works. More
[MUN, Thomas]
A Discourse of Trade, from England unto the East-Indies. More
Types Militaires de l’Armée Suisse. Collection de 15 feuilles représentant tous les vorps de l’Armée Fédérale. Dessinée par C. Perron. Imprimée par Lemercier. More
Manual of the Corporation of the City of New York. More
STRUTT, Joseph (1749 - 1802).
The Regal and Ecclesiastical Antiquities of England; containing the Representations of all the English Monarchs, from Edward the Confessor to Henry the Eighth; and of many persons that were eminent under their several reigns; on sixty copper plates, engraved by the author; with a supplement, containing twelve plates. The whole carefully collected from ancient illuminated manuscripts. A new and improved edition with critical and explanatory notes by J. R. Planche. More
FABER, George Stanley.
The Origin of Pagan Idolatry Ascertained from Historical Testimony and Circumstantial Evidence. More
PARIS, Edmond.
Le Musée de Marine du Louvre. Histoire-Description-Construction-Représentation statistique des navires a rames & a voiles d'après les modèles et les dessins des galeries du Musée du Louvre. Avec 60 Planches phototypiques inaltérables et 200 Vignettes. More
CHAM. [Noe, Amédée Charles Henri, Comte de]
A la guerre comme a la guerre. Variantes lithographiques, sur le thême bien connu: Ah! quel plaisir d’être Soldat. More
Her Majesty’s Army. A descriptive account of the various regiments now comprising the Queen’s forces, from their first establishment to the present time. [with] Her Majesty’s Indian and Colonial Forces. More
GROSE, Francis.
The Antiquities of England and Wales. More
CHURCHILL, Randolph S.; GILBERT, Martin.
Winston S. Churchill. [Biography]. More
The Autobiography of.. More
MOTLEY, John Lothrop.
Works. (History of the Dutch Republic et al.). More
FALKIRK, John de [and] TAYLOR, George
[Two works bound as one] Annals of Irish Popery; including the period between the introduction of the Reformation in the year 1535, and the Rebellion and Massacre in 1641 by John de Falkirk. Vol. I [all published]...[bound with] An History of the rise, progress and Suppression, of the Rebellion in the county of Wexford, in the year 1798; to which is annnexed, the author's account of his captivity, and merciful deliverance. By George Taylor. The Second Edition Corrected. More
Die Soldaten der Franzosischen Republik und des Kaiserreichs. Von Hippolyte Bellangé More
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