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Accounts Ledger. 1825-49.

Large thick folio (43 x 28 x 9 cm.). Fine manuscript ledger comprising pp.689-1431. Original stationary binding of brown calf with vellum straps over reversed calf covered boards, red morocco label. Mostly written in the same hand but with occasional variations. Binding worn but holding strong.

The Hungerford Savings Bank was established in February 1818. It was held in the Town Hall on Wednesdays from 1-2pm.
Trustee Savings Banks were a popular institution in the early nineteenth century designed to cater for craftsmen and generally people of modest wealth to provide a safe home for their savings.
This ledger provides a wonderful insight into the profiles of such depositors and reflects their thrifty habits, e.g. Joseph Smith of Ramsbury, Wilts, Baker, who deposited £50 in 1825 which accrued to £139. 7s. 1d by 1833 with further deposits and interest.
Other account holders include carpenters, bricklayers, shoemakers, yeomen, millers, labourers, minors, footmen, servants (generally women), widows and spinsters (no widowers or bachelors cited), the Trustees of the Hungerford and Chilton National School, the Lambourn Woodlands Clothing Club, George trust for John Smith, an Imbecile, etc. etc. etc. The majority come from Hungerford, in Berkshire, west of London, and its surrounding villages, such as Lambourn and Kintbury but a few from further afield including Cavendish Square in London. Most of the accounts typically showing balances between £1 and £150.

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