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ALKEN, Henry Thomas.
3 Original signed drawings by Alken, including: [Fishing for Poor Jack] and [Quail and Pheasant Shooting]. More
(BROCK, H.M.) NICHOLS, Beverley.
A Book of Ballads Selected With an Introduction By Beverley Nichols and Illustrated By H.M. Brock. R.I. More
DOYLE, James E.
A Chronicle of England. B.C.55 - A.D.1485 Written and illustrated by James E. Doyle. The designs engraved and printed in colours by Edmund Evans. More
WARE, Isaac.
A Complete Body of Architecture. Adorned with Plans and Elevations, from original Designs. In which are interspersed some Designs of Inigo Jones, never before published. More
DULAC, Edmund.
A Fairy Garland Being Fairy Tales From Old French. More
A Journey through Spain in the years 1786 and 1787; with particular attention to the agriculture, manufactures, commerce, population, taxes, and revenue of that country; and remarks in passing through a part of France...Second Edition, with additions and Corrections. More
CHAM. [Noe, Amédée Charles Henri, Comte de]
A la guerre comme a la guerre. Variantes lithographiques, sur le thême bien connu: Ah! quel plaisir d'être Soldat. More
A Visit to the Monastery of La Trappe, in 1817: with notes taken during a tour through Le Perche, Normandy, Bretagne, Poitou, Anjou, Le Bocage, Touraine, Orleanois, and the Environs of Paris. More
BULLAR, Joseph.
A Winter in the Azores; and a Summer at the Baths of the Furnas. More
Album de la Mode Officielle Spécialement réservé aux bons Tailleurs. Dernières Créations. Été. 1923. Paris-Londres- New York. Supplément au No. 37. More
Album de la Mode Officielle spécialement réservé aux bons tailleurs. Dernières Créations. Été. 1928. Paris-Londres- New York. More
Album de la Mode Officielle spécialement réservé aux bons tailleurs. Dernières Créations. Hiver 1936. Paris-Londres- New York. Supplément au No. 154. More
Album officiel de la Fête des Vignerons. Vevey 1889. 5-9 Août. More
ROSE, Barbara.
Alexander Liberman. More
Aqua Pictura. Illustrated by a Series of Original Specimens from the works of Messrs. Payne, Munn, Francia, Samuel, Varley, Wheatley, Young, Christal, Cartwright, Girtin, Clennel, Cox, Prout, Hills, Dewint, Owen, Glover, Turner, Loutherbourg, &c. &c. Exhibiting the works of the most approved modern water coloured draftsmen, with their style & method of touch, engraved and finished in progressive examples....Second edition. More
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