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[The Sleeping Princess] L'Oeuvre de Léon Bakst pour La Belle au Bois Dormant. Ballet en Cinq actes d'après le conte de Perrault. Musique de Tchaïkovsky. Preface d'André Levinson. More
GREEN, William.
[Sixty Studies from Nature in Cumberland Westmorland and Lancashire] More
York and its Cathedral More
BROOKE, Arthur de Capell.
Winter Sketches in Lapland or Illustrations of a journey from Alten on the shores of the Polar Sea in 69 55' North Lat. through Norwegian, Russian and Swedish Lapland to Tornea at the extremity of the Gulf of Bothnia. Intended to exhibit a complete view of the mode of travelling with rein-deer, the most striking incidents that occurred during the journey, and the general character of the winter scenery of Lapland. More
BELLASIS, George Hutchins.
Views of St. Helena. More
Views of All the Colleges, Halls, and Public Buildings in the University and City of Oxford; with descriptions, which point out to strangers all the places and curiosities more particularly deserving of their notice. More
BONANI, P Philipp.
Verzeichnuss der geistlichen Ordens-Personen in der Streitenden Kirchen in nette, Abbildungen und einer Kurtsen Erzehlung verfasset… More
Usi e Costumi Sociali, Politici e Religiosi di Tutti i Popoli del Mondo da Documenti Autentici e Dai Viaggi Migliori e Più Recenti. Traduzione Riveduta dal Cavaliere Luigi Cibrario. More
Types Militaires de l'Armée Suisse. Collection de 15 feuilles représentant tous les vorps de l'Armée Fédérale. Dessinée par C. Perron. Imprimée par Lemercier. More
Tra Liberty e Déco: Salsomaggiore. More
Tim to the Rescue. More
Tim all alone. More
WESTALL, W[illiam].
Thirty-five views on the Thames at Richmond, Eton, Windsor, and Oxford. More
SENIOR, William.
The Thames from Oxford to the Tower. ..Illustrated with thirty original painters'-etchings by Francis Walker R.H.A., R.P.E. More
POTTER, Beatrix.
The Tale of Pigling Bland. More
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