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...4th Kimono Obi Belt Design Competition...volume 6 Kyoto Meiji 40 1907].

Folio. (53.5 x 38.5 cm.) 53 leaves with 106 full page original gouache designs mounted back to back, nearly all with paper title labels and many highlighted in gold or silver. Original Japanese block book cloth binding, paper label. Covers a little rubbed, contents with some signs of age and use but generally in excellent condition.

Magnificent collection of designs for Maru Obi by Miyake Sejiro, one of the leading Kyoto kimono drapers of the day. Although not named on the title we are reliably informed that this was originally acquired as part of an archive from Miyake Sijiro Shoten.

Maru obi, "one-piece obi" is the most formal obi. It is made from cloth about 68 cm wide and is folded around a double lining and sewn together. Maru obi were at their most popular during the Taishō and Meiji periods. Their bulk and weight make maru obi difficult to handle and nowadays they are worn mostly by geishas and maikos or as a part of a bride's outfit. A maru obi is about 30 centimetres (12 in) to 35 centimetres (14 in) wide and 360 centimetres (11.8 ft) to 450 centimetres (14.8 ft) long, fully patterned and often embroidered with metal-coated yarn and foilwork.

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