Natural History

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Arthur, G . Noakes, D.E. Pearson, H.
Veterinary reproduction and obstetrics. Sixth edition More
Teilen, GH . Madewell, BR.
Veterinary cancer medicine 2nd edition. More
Turner's Illustrations to Nimrod on the Condition of Hunters. More
MALBY, Reginald A.
The Story of My Rock Garden. More
WILSON, Andrew (intro) & WYLDE, James. (ed.)
The Royal Natural History Being a Systematic Arrangement of Descriptive Zoology, from Man to the Lowest Forms. With an Introduction on the Study of Natural History, by Dr. Andrew Wilson... Embellished by Over Two Thousand Engravings and Coloured Plates. Edited by James Wylde. More
MEREDITH, Charles, Mrs, late TWAMLEY, Louisa Anne
The Romance of Nature; or, the Flower-Seasons Illustrated. Third Edition. More
MARKHAM, Gervase.
The Pleasures of Princes Or Good Mens Recreations. Together with The Experienced Angler by Colonel Robert Venables With a Preface By Horace Hutchinson. More
HARDING, J[ames] D[uffield]
The Park and Forest. More
The Orchid Review. Volume V. 1897. An Illustrated Monthly Journal Devoted to Orchidology. More
The Orchid Review. Volume I. 1893. An Illustrated Monthly Journal Devoted to Orchidology in all its Branches. More
SELBY, Prideaux John.
The Naturalist's Library. Ornothology. Vol VI. Parrots. More
JARDINE, William, Sir. (ed.)
The Naturalist's Library. Mammalia. Vol. I. More
JARDINE, William, Sir. (ed.)
The Naturalist's Library. Mammalia. Vol II. The Felinæ More
MARKHAM, Gervase.
The Inrichment of the Weald of Kent. or, A Direction to the Husbandman, for the true Ordering, Manuring, and Inriching of all the grounds within the Wealds of Kent and Sussex, and may generally serue for all the Grounds in [England], of that nature: as, 1. Shewing the nature of all Wealdish Ground, comparing it with the Soyl of the Shires at large. 2. Declaring what Marle, and the seuerall sorts thereof, and where it is vsually found. 3. The profitable use of Marle, and other rich manurings, as well in each sort of Arrable Land, as also for the increase of Corn and Pasture through the Kingdom. Painfully gathered for the good of this Island, by a Man of great Eminence and Worth, but Revised, Enlarged, and Corrected with the consent, and by conference with the first Author. More
PHILLIPS, E. March & BOLTON, Arthur T. (ed.)
The Gardens of Italy. With historical and descriptive notes. More
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