Natural History

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HARDING, J[ames] D[uffield]
The Park and Forest. More
GAYOT, Eugene.
Administration des Haras. Atlas Statistique de la Production des Chevaux en France; documents pour servir à l'histoire naturelle-agricole des races chevalines du pays... More
BRODRICK, William and SALVIN, Francis Henry.
Falconry in the British Isles. More
MOORE, Thomas. William P. Ayres.
The Gardeners' Magazine of Botany, Horticulture, Floriculture, and Natural Science. More
A fine album of pressed dried flowers from Surrey. More
STONHAM, Charles.
The Birds of the British Islands. Illustrated by Lilian M Medland. More
British Preserve. Drawn and Etched by S. Howitt. More
Turner's Illustrations to Nimrod on the Condition of Hunters. More
Oeuvres Completes De Buffon, Avec Des Extraits De Daubenton, et La Classification De Cuvier. More
BEWICK, Thomas.
History of British Birds [with] a General History of Quadrupeds More
Les Meilleurs Blés. Description et Culture des Principales Variétés de Froments d'Hiver et de Pritemps. More
SELBY, Prideaux John.
Natural History of Parrots. More
SELBY, Prideaux John.
The Naturalist's Library. Ornothology. Vol VI. Parrots. More
SELBY, Prideaux John
Parrots. The Naturalist's Library. Vol XVIII. Ornithology. Parrots. More
The Duty and Office of a Land Steward: Represented under Several Plain and Distinct Articles; Wherein May Be Seen the Indirect Practices of Several Stewards, tending to Lessen, and several Methods likely to Improve their Lords Estates. to which is added an Appendix, shewing The Way to Plenty; Proposed to the Farmers: Wherein are laid down General Rules and Directions for the Management and Improvement of a Farm. The Third Edition, With Alterations and Additions. More
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