Natural History

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White, R.
Manual of small animal oncology. More
Les Meilleurs Blés. Description et Culture des Principales Variétés de Froments d'Hiver et de Pritemps. More
Turner's Illustrations to Nimrod on the Condition of Hunters. More
[TRUSLER, John].
The Garden-Companion for Gentlemen and Ladies; or A Calendar pointing out what should be done every month, in the green-house, flower, fruit and which is added a complete list of floers and shrubs that blow each month...The Third Edition. More
Torrance, E , Mooney, CT.
Manual of small animal endocrinology. Second edition. More
Thomas, D.A.
Manual of canine and feline gastroenterology. More
Teilen, GH . Madewell, BR.
Veterinary cancer medicine 2nd edition. More
Taylor, PM , Clarke, KW.
Handbook of equine anaesthesia . More
General View of the Agriculture of the County of Suffolk; Drawn up for the consideration of the board of agriculture and Internal improvement by the Secretary to the Board. More
STONHAM, Charles.
The Birds of the British Islands. Illustrated by Lilian M Medland. More
Spicer, W .
Clinical bacteriology, mycology and parasitiology. More
Library of Useful Knowledge. The Horse; with a treatise on draught... More
Short, C. E.
Principles and practice of veterinary anesthesia. More
SELBY, Prideaux John.
Natural History of Parrots. More
SELBY, Prideaux John.
The Naturalist's Library. Ornothology. Vol VI. Parrots. More
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