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Fores’ Sporting Notes & Sketches. A Quarterly Magazine descriptive of British and Foreign Sport. Illustrated by Finch Mason and R.M. Alexander More
British Yachts and Yachtsmen A Complete History of British Yachting from the middle of the 16th century to the present day More
CARELESS, John (pseud.).
The Old English 'Squire. A Jovial Gay Fox Hunter, Bold, frank and Free. A poem in ten cantos. More
Bathymetrical Survey of the Scottish Fresh-Water Lochs conducted... During the Years 1897 to 1909. More
[TAPLIN, William]
The Sportsman's Cabinet; or, A Correct Delineation of the Various Dogs used in the Sports of the Field..., By a Veteran Sportsman More
EDWARDS, Lionel.
The Passing Seasons. More
A History of the Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews, More
CROMBIE, Cha[rles].
Laws of Cricket Illustrated. More
WESTON, Walter, Rev.
The Playground of The Far East. More
Turner’s Illustrations to Nimrod on the Condition of Hunters. More
Odes of Pindar, with several other pieces on Prose and Verse Translated from the Greek. To which is prefixed a Dissertation on the Olympick Games by Gilbert West. More
British Hunts and Huntsmen Containing a short history of each fox and stag hunt in the British Isles, together with biographical rcords of masters past and present, and some members of each hunt, also an introductory chapter on mediaeval hunting, and articles concerning the stag, the fox, the hound, and the horse, and all subjects allied thereto. Profusely illustrated with engravings and half-tone illustrations ... ..Compiled in conjunction with The Sporting Life. Four Volumes (complete): The South-West of England; The South-East, East and Eastern Midlands of England; England ( North), Scotland, and Ireland; The North-East, and Western Midlands of England; and Wales. More
La Chasse à Courre [with] La Chasse à Tir. Notes et Croquis. More
HARDY, H.F.H. Capt.
Good Gun Dogs. Illustrated from original dry points by G. Vernon Stokes. More
(RACKHAM, Arthur.) WALTON, Izaak.
The Compleat Angler. More
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