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Eptanhsiaka Melethmata [Ionian Islands' Studies], t. B', Solwmos - Tertseths - Typaldos - Balawriths - Markoras - Thwmazaios - Symmeikta. [Solomos - Typaldos - Tertsetis - Markoras - Thomazaios - Miscellanea]. [Solomos - Typaldos - Tertsetis - Markoras - Thomazaios - Miscellanea. Department of Byzantine and Modern Greek Literature of the University of Athens]. More
ZERVOS, Christian.
L'Art De La Crète Néolithique et Minoenne. More
WILLS, Alfred.
The Eagle's Nest In the Valley of Sixt; A Summer Home among the Alps: Together with some Excursions Among the Great Glaciers. More
A Journal of a Voyage from London to Savannah in Georgia. in two Parts. Part I. From london to Gibralter. Part II. from Gibralter to Savannah...The Second Edition. [with] A Continuation...from his arrival at Savannah to his return to London. The Second Edition [with] A Continuation...from his arrival at London, to his departure from thence on his way to Georgia. the Third Edition.[with] A Continuation...during the time he was detained in England by the embargo. The Fourth Edition. [with] A Continuation...from his embarking after the embargo, to his arrival at Savannah in Georgia. The Second Edition [with] A Continuation...after his arrival at Georgia, to a few days after his second return thither from Philadelphia [Second edition] [with] A Continuation...after his return to Georgia to his arrival at Falmouth...containing An account of the work of God at Georgia, Rhode-Island, New-England, New-York, Pennsylvania and South-Carolina [first two part in one edition]. More
WEBER, Richard. DEXTER, Laurie. HOLLOWAY, Christopher. BUXTON, Max.
Polar Bridge. An Arctic Odyssey. More
VIVIAN, G[eorge].
Scenery of Portugal & Spain. On stone by Louis Hague. More
The Underwood Travel Library. CANADA More
Burma More
Italy through the Stereoscope. Journeys in and about Italian Cities More
TROISI, Sergio.
Vedute di Palermo. Introduzione di Cesare de Seta. More
TREVES, Frederick, Sir.
The Riviera of the Corniche Road. More
The Route of the Overland Mail to India. From Southampton to India. Thirty two plates, from drawings by Messrs. Grieve, Telbin, Absolon, Herring. Sen., D. Roberts, R.A. Weir and other eminent artists. ** More
TEXIER, Charles Felix Marie.
Description de l'Asie Mineure faite par ordre du Governement François de 1833 a 1837 More
Maps of the Roads of Ireland, Surveyed in 1777 and corrected down to 1783. The Second Edition.. More
TARDIEU, Ambroise.
Atlas pour servir à l'Intelligence de l'Histoire Générale des Voyages de La Harpe. More
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