Travel & Exploration

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(FOUQUERAY, Charles Dominic). FARRÈRE, Claude. [BARGONE, Frédéric-Charles].
Escales d'Asie. Preface par Commandant A. Thomazi More
TEXIER, Charles Felix Marie.
Description de l'Asie Mineure faite par ordre du Governement François de 1833 a 1837 More
Souvenir du Caire. More
BELZONI, Giovanni Battista.
Narrative of the Operations and Recent Discoveries within the Pyramids, Temples, Tombs, and Excavations, in Egypt and Nubia; and of a Journey to the Coast of the Red Sea, in search of the Ancient Berenice; and another to the Oasis of Jupiter Ammon. Second edition. [with] Plates Illustrative of the Researches and Operations More
(MORO, Marco.) FONTANA, Gianjacobo & CRILANOVICH, Leopold
Venezia Monumentale Pittoresca. Palazzi..... Opera graziosamente accolta dalla Maesta di Vittorio Eme.II Re d'Italia. Riprodotto per festeggiare il memorando ingresso in Venezia della stessa Maesta Sua il giorno 7 Novembre 1866. Parte 1ma. I Palazzi (only). More
FADEN, William.
[Composite Atlas] More
DOUGHTY (Charles M.)
Travels in Arabia Deserta. More
ALIGNY, Théodore.
Vues des sites les plus célèbres de la Grèce Antique. Dessinées sur nature et gravées a l'eau forte... More
RICHMOND, Ernest Tatham.
The Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem. A description of its Structure & Decoration. More
SPEED, JOHN [KEERE, Pieter van den ]
A Prospect of the Most Famous Parts of the World [with] England Wales Scotland and Ireland Described and Abridged with ye Historical relation of things werthy memory from a farr Larger Volume Done by John Speed. More
LEAKE, William Martin.
Travels in Northern Greece. More
The Illustrated Atlas and Modern History of the World,...ed. by R. Montgomery Martin. More
Album of twenty four original photographs of the Alhambra, Spain. More
REINHARDT, [Johan Christian].
A Collection of Swiss Costumes in Miniature. More
BAYOT, A[dolphe]., CICERI, Eug[ène] & MOREL FATIO, Morel
Nos souvenirs de Kil-Bouroun pendant l'hiver passé dans le liman du Dnieper 1855-1856. More
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