Boydell / Shakespeare

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(SHAKESPEARE) TRESBAM, Henry [painter] & FACIUS, G.S. & I.G.[engr.]
Anthony and Cleopatra. Act III Scene IX. The Palace in Alexandria. Anthony, Cleopatra, Eros, Charmian, Iras &c. More
(SHAKESPEARE) HAMILTON, G.. [painter] & CALDWELL, J.[engraver]
Corialanus. Corialanus, Ausidius, Vergilia, Volumnia, Young, Marcius, Valeria and attendants More
(SHAKESPEARE) HAMILTON, W.[painter] & BURKE, Thomas.[engr.]
Cymbeline. Act I Scene II Cymbeline's palace in Britain. Imogen Posthumus Queen Cymbeline More
(SHAKESPEARE) HOPPNER, J..[painter] & TREW, Thomas.[engr.]
Cymbeline. Act III Scene IV Near Milford Haven. Pisanio and Imogen. More
(SHAKESPEARE) WESTALL, R. [painter] & GAUGAIN, T. [engr.]
Cymbeline. Act III Scene VI The forest and cave. Imogen in boy's clothes. More
(SHAKESPEARE) WESTALL, R. [painter] & SIMON, I.P..[engraver]
First Part of King Henry the Fourth. Act III. Scene I The Archbishop of Bangor's House in Wales. Hotspur, Worcester, Mortimer & Owen Glendower. More
(SHAKESPEARE) RIGAUD, Francis. [painter] & RYDER, Thomas[engraver]
First Part of King Henry the Fourth. Plain near Shrewsbury. Prince Henry, Hotspur, and Falstaff. More
(SHAKESPEARE) BOYDELL, J.[painter] & OGBORNE, J. [engraver]
First Part of King Henry the Sixth. Act II. Scene IV. More
(SHAKESPEARE) NORTHCOTE, James [painter] & THEW, Robert [engraver]
First Part of King Henry the Sixth. Act II. Scene V. More
(SHAKESPEARE) OPIE, John [painter] & TREW, Robt. [engraver]
First Part of King Henry the Sixth. Countess of Auvergne's Castle. Countess Porter, Talbot &c.. More
(SHAKESPEARE) BEECHEY, Wm. [painter] & RYDER, Thos. [engr.]
Her Most Gracious Majesty, Queen Charlotte. More
(SHAKESPEARE) STOBARD, T. [painter] & TAYLOR, Isaac[engraver]
King Henry 8th. Act I Scene IV York Place. Cardinal Wolsey. Lord Sands, Ann Bullen, King Henry &c. More
(SHAKESPEARE) PETERS, Wm. [painter] & THEW, Robert [engraver]
King Henry 8th. Act III Scene I. A Room in the Queen's Apartments. The Queen...Cardinals Wolsey & Campeius. More
(SHAKESPEARE) BARRY, James [painter] & LEGAT, Fras...[engr.]
King Lear Act V Scene III More
(SHAKESPEARE) BROWN, M. [painter] & SMITH, B. [engraver]
King Richard the Second. Act IV Scene I. King Richard, Bolingbroke, York, Aumerle &c &c. More
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