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"Geographia" Plan of Greater London. More
"Handkerchief" Map of London. More
KNIFF, L[eendert] & KIP. I[oannes].
(Chelsea) The House At Chelsey in the County of Middlesex, one of the Seats of the Most Noble & Potent Prince Henry, Duke of Beaufort... More
(Docklands). Map of the River Thames from London Bridge to Blackwall, [and] from Woolwich to Tilbury & Gravesend showing wharves. More
STEVENS, J. (Engraver).
(HACKNEY) A Map or Plan and Sections Describing the Line or Situation of the Reservoirs, Cuts, Canals, Aqueducts and other Works, Which are intended to be made by The Company of Proprietors of the East London Water Works. More
(Tottenham / Walthamstow) East London Waterworks. Various Powers. Plan Sheet No.1. More
CRUCHLEY, G[eorge] F[rederick].
24 Miles round London. More
BANKS & CO. (publisher)
A Balloon View of London as seen from Hampstead. More
STANFORD, Edward [after CRUCHLEY, G.F.].
A Map of the Environs of London Extending Twenty Five Miles fr. the Metropolis. More
A New and Accurate Map of the Country Twenty-one Miles round London, with the Grand Junction and Paddington Canals, Iron Railway, Boundary of the Three-penny Post &c. &c. More
[KITCHIN, Thomas].
A New and Correct Plan of the Cities of London, Westminster, and Borough of Southwark wherein all the Streets, Roads, Churches, Public Buildings &c to the Present Year 1777 are exactly Delineated. More
[HUGHES, H. / COGHLAN, Francis?].
A New Map of London, Westminster, Southwark, And Their Suburbs for Coghlan's Picture of London. More
FADEN, William.
A New Pocket Plan of the Cities of London & Westminster with the Borough of Southwark: Comprehending the New Buildings and other Alterations to the Year 1812. More
FADEN, W[illiam].
A New Topographical Map of the Country In The Vicinity of London, Describing all the New Improvements. More
WYLD, James.
A New Topographical Map of the Country in the Vicinity of London, Describing all the New Improvements. Drawn from a Scale of two Inches to a Statute Mile. More
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