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RIGBY, Lord Justice.
"a blunt Lord Justice" More
SPAIN, The King of.
"A born King". Sovereigns. No. 20. More
DENBIGH, The Earl of.
"a Catholic". Statesmen. No. 268. More
DUNDONALD, The Earl of
"a Cavalry Reformer". Statesmen. No. 751. More
GREY, Earl.
"A Chartered Administrator". Statesmen. No. 693. More
CAUSTON, R. K., The Right Hon.
"a cheery paymaster" More
CAUSTON, Richard Knight, The Right Hon.
"A Cheery Paymaster." Men of the Day. No. 1017. More
BALFOUR, Gerald, Mr.
"a Chief Secretary". Statesmen. No. 682. More
ZANGWILL, Israel, Mr.
"A Child of the Ghetto". Men of the Day. No. 674. More
"A Coachman". Statesmen. No. 377. More
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