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An Alphabet. More
An Angler's Anthology. Collected by A.B. Austin. Illustrated from Drypoints by Norman Wilkinson. More
Aqua Pictura. Illustrated by a Series of Original Specimens from the works of Messrs. Payne, Munn, Francia, Samuel, Varley, Wheatley, Young, Christal, Cartwright, Girtin, Clennel, Cox, Prout, Hills, Dewint, Owen, Glover, Turner, Loutherbourg, &c. &c. Exhibiting the works of the most approved modern water coloured draftsmen, with their style & method of touch, engraved and finished in progressive examples....Second edition. More
Arithmetic. More
DE COMBRAY, Richard.
Armani testo di Richard de Combray, introduzione di Arturo Carlo Quintavalle, postface di Anna Piaggi. More
BAUER, Louis Hopewell, M. D.
Aviation Medicine. More
BATO, Josef.
Balkan. 10 farbige Litografien aus Macedonoien und Albanien. More
SEGAR, Sir William and EDMONDSON, Joseph.
Baronagium Genealogicum; or the Pedigrees of the English Peers... More
BURGESS, Walter.
Bits of Old Chelsea. A Series of Forty-one Etchings by Walter Burgess, Fellow of the Royal Society of Painter-etchers. With letterpress description by Lionel Johnson and Richard Le Gallienne. More
BLACKWOOD, Beatrice.
Both Sides of Buka Passage. An Ethnographic Study of Social, Sexual, and Economic Questions in the North-Western Solomon Islands. More
BLEW, William C.A.
Brighton and its Coaches. A History of London and Brighton Road. With some account of the provincial coaches that have run from Brighton. More
British Preserve. Drawn and Etched by S. Howitt. More
CURLING, B. W. R. & EDWARDS, Lionel.
British Racecourses. More
PIERRE, Gustave.
Charbonnages Hensies Pommeroeul. 25 Anniversaire.1937. Album. Typographie de Louis Picon. More
Clayton's College. Illustré de Pointes-Sèches Originales. More
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