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The Book of the Thousand Nights and One Night. Translated from the Arabic by Captain Sir. R.F. Burton. Reprinted from the original edition and edited by Leonard C. Smithers. Illustrated by a series of seventy-one original illustrations reproduced from the original pictures in oils specially painted by Alberet Letchford. Library Edition of the Kamashastra Edition. More
CHURCHILL, Sir Winston.
The Collected Works. More
DICKENS, Charles.
The Collected Works. Illustrated Library Edition. More
SÉVIGNÉ, Madame de.
The Letters of...Carnavelet Edition. Newly re-edited, revised and corrected, including over three hundred letters not previously translated into English. With an introduction by A. Edward Newton. More
The London Encyclopædia, or Universal Dictionary of Science, Art, Literature, and practical Mechanics, comprising a popular view of the present state of knowledge. Illustrated by numerous engravings, a general atlas, and appropriate diagrams. By the original editor of the Encyclopædia Metropolitana, assisted by eminent professional and other gentlemen. More
MARRYAT, Frederick.
The Novels...Edited by R. Brimley Johnson. More
The Plays. More
The Poetical Works..edited by William Knight, LL.D. More
The Second World War. More
SCOTT, Sir Walter.
The Waverley Novels. More
SCOTT, Walter, Sir.
The Waverley Novels. More
SCOTT, Walter, Sir.
The Waverley Novels. Copyright Edition Entire. More
JOHNSON, Samuel.
The Works of the English Poets. With Prefaces, Biographical and Critical. More
The Works. More
THACKERAY, William Makepeace.
The Works. More
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