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PALLHS, Alexs.
Mproysos (ksanatypwma apo to Noyma). [Brusos, reprinted from (the periodical) Noumas)]. More
Nonesuch Books for Christmas 1925. For the Spring 1926 With a hand-list of books hitherto published by the press. More
Novels of the Sisters Bronte. Edited By Temple Scott. Thornton Edition. More
[SURTEES, Robert Smith].
Novels. Comprising Handley Cross, Hawbuck Grange, Mr Sponge's Sporting Tour, Ask Mamma, Plain or Ringlets, Mr Romfords Hounds and Hillingdon Hall. More
O en Rwssia Ellhnismos. [Hellenism in Russia]. More
O Panagiwths Bergwths kai h 'Kolash' toy Danth. Anatypo apo to periodiko Nea Estia, tomos 78, 1965, Xristoygenniatiko teyxos afierwmeno sto Danth, sel.115-126. [Panagiotis,Vergotis and Dante's 'Inferno' offprint from the periodical Nea Estia, vol. 78, 1965, Christmas volume dedicated to Dante, pp.115-126] More
Oeuvres romanesques complètes. More
Oi politikes satires toy 1830 sthn Kefalonia kai o Panagiwths Bergwths. anatypo arith. 155, apo to periodiko O Eranisths, etos H', teyxos 48 (tomos D. S. Gkinh), [sel.243-259 + 1 sel. prosthhkh]. [The political satires of 1830 in Kephallonia and Panagiotis Vergotis. Offprint no.155 from the periodical O Eranistis, year VIII, fasc. 48, 1970 (volume dedicated to D. S. Gkinis), pp.243-259 (+ 1 p. added)]. More
Poihshs kai Pezografia ths Eptanhsoy. [Poetry and Prose Fiction of the Ionian Islands]. More
Polylas, Markoras kai h Sxolh ths Kerkyras, Dialekseis peri ellhnwn poihtwn toy ITh' aiwnos [Dialekseis Filologikoy Syllogoy Parnassoy - 14]. ["Polylas, Markoras and the School of Corfu", Lectures on Greek Poets of the 19th c., (Lectures of the Literary Society 'Parnassos' - 14)] More
HASLAM, Nicholas.
Redeeming Features. A Memoir. More
Salbanoy, B.G., H Ionios Akadhmia: o idryths ayths Komis Gylford, oi kathhghtai kai spoydastai ayths. [The Ionian Academy: its founder, Count Guilford, its professors and students]. More
WILDE, Oscar.
Salome. A tragedy in one act: translated from the French of Oscar Wilde. Pictured by Aubrey Beardsley. More
ELIOT, George.
Scenes of Clerical life. More
HUNTER, Henry.
Sermons preached at different places and on various occasions; collected and republished in their respetive order: to which are subjoined, memoirs, anecdotes, and illustrations, Relating to the Persons, Institutions, and Events, connected with the several Subjects. By Henry Hunter, D.D. Minister of the Scots Church, London Wall; Formerly of South Leith, North Britain. More
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