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Wednesday I. to Booby I. Including Prince of Wales Channel. More
[ADMIRALTY CHART]. Davies & Company. (Engravers).
Entrance to the River Humber. From the Latest Information in the Hydrographic Office. [with] Grimsby, Hawke and Sunk Roads. More
[ADMIRALTY CHART]. Davies & Company. (Engravers).
New Quay to Holyhead. More
[ADMIRALTY CHART]. Davies & Company. (Engravers).
River Thames Sea Reach Surveyed by the Port of London Authority, 1916-20. The Topography is taken chiefly from the Ordnance Survey. More
[ADMIRALTY CHART]. Malby & Sons. [Engravers].
The Channel Islands And Adjacent Coast of France. More
Firth of Forth. St. Abbs Head to the Forth Bridge. More
[ADMIRALTY CHART]. WELLER, Edward (Engraver)
South Coast of Ireland to Land's End Showing Approaches to St. George's and Bristol Channels. More
[ADMIRALTY CHART]. WELLER, Edward (Engraver).
Kinsale to Wexford. Compiled from the Latest Admiralty Surveys. The Topography from the Ordanance Survey. More
AGAS, Ralph.
London in the Time of the Tudors. A reroduction, reduced, of the map by Ralp agas, circa 1560. More
Plan of the Old and New Town of Edinburgh and Leith, with the proposed docks. More
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