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Her Majesty's Army. A descriptive account of the various regiments now comprising the Queen's forces, from their first establishment to the present time. [with] Her Majesty's Indian and Colonial Forces. More
LOW, Charles, Rathbone.
Her Majesty's Navy Her Majesty's Navy Including Its Deeds and Battles. More
ROLLIN, Charles.
Histoire Ancienne des Egyptiens des Carthaginois, des Assyriens, des Babyloniens, des Medes et des Perses, des Macedoniens, des Grecs...Nouvelle edition. More
LIPINSKA, Mélanie.
Histoire des Femmes Médecins depuis l'antiquité jusqu'à nos jours. More
ESAREY, Logan.
History of Indiana. From its Exploration to 1922. Also an Account of Indianapolis and Marion Court, edited by Kate Milner Rabb and William Herschell. More
LOW, Charles Rathbone.
History of the Indian Navy (1613-1863) More
History of Vigo County, Indiana. Biographical Selections. More
Istoria twn Ioniwn Nhswn, arxomenh tw 1797 kai lhgoysa tw 1815 meta proeisagwghs en h ektithentai ai prohgoymenai tyxai aytwn. [History of the Ionian Islands, from 1797 to 1815, with a preamble where their earlier fortunes are presented]. More
Iwannhs Laskaratos, Dialekseis peri ellhnwn poihtwn toy ITh' aiwnos [Dialekseis Filologikoy Syllogoy Parnassoy - 7]. ["Ioannis Laskaratos", Lectures on Greek Poets of the 19th c., (Lectures of the Literary Society 'Parnassos' - 7)]. More
Iwshf Momferratoy Aytobiografika Shmeiwmata (Symbolh ston Eptanhsiako Rizospastismo). Anatypo apo to Deltion Anagnwstikhs Etairias Kerkyras, etos 7, arith. 7, 1970, [sel. 7-34]. [Autobiographical notes of Iosif Momferratos (contribution to the Radicalism in the Ionian Islands). Offprint from the periodical Deltion Anagnostikis Etairias Kerkyras, year 7, no.7, 1970, pp.7-34]. More
HUBER, Charles.
Journal d'un Voyage en Arabie (1883-1884). More
Juvenile Delinquency in Cyprus. An Initial Survey. More
K. Lombardos: To enwtiko kinhma sta Eptanhsa. Afierwma sta ekatoxrona ths Enwsews, 1864-1964. [K. Lomvardos: The unification movement in the Ionian Islands. Dedication to the centenary of Union (i.e. of the Ionian Islands with Greece), 1864-1964]. More
Kefallhniaka Symmeikta. Symbolai eis thn istorian kai laografian ths nhsoy Kefallhnias eis tomoys treis. T.A', Biografika - Oikwn Istoriai - Dhmosieymata. [Kephallonian Miscellany. Contributions to the history and folklore of the island of Kephallonia in three volumes. Vol.I: Biographies - History of Houses - Publications]. More
Kelly's Handbook to the Titled, Landed and Official Classes 1961. Eighty-Seventh Annual Edition. More
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