History & Economics

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Kelly's Handbook to the Titled, Landed and Official Classes 1961. Eighty-Seventh Annual Edition. More
Labour Conditions in Cyprus During The War Years, 1939-1945. More
Labour Conditions in Cyprus During The War Years, 1939-1945. More
Laskaratos: skiagrafia enos arnhth. [Laskaratos: outline of a denier]. More
PARIS, Edmond.
Le Musée de Marine du Louvre. Histoire-Description-Construction-Représentation statistique des navires a rames & a voiles d'après les modèles et les dessins des galeries du Musée du Louvre. Avec 60 Planches phototypiques inaltérables et 200 Vignettes. More
ROCHEMONTEIX, Père Camille de.
Les Jésuites et la Nouvelle France au XVIIe., d'après beaucoup de documents inédits. More
BEAWES, Wyndham.
Lex Mercatoria Rediviva. or, the Merchant's Directory. Being a complete Guide to all Men in Business, whether as Traders, Remitters, Owners, Freighters, Captains, Insurers, Brokers, Factors, Supercargoes, Agents. Containing an Account of our Trading Companies and Colonies, with their Establishments, and an Abstract of their Charters; the Duty of Consuls, and the Laws subsisting about Aliens, Naturalization and Denization. To which is added, a State of the present general Traffick of the whole world; describing the Manufactures and Products of each particular Nation: and Tables of the Correspondence and Agreement of the European Coins, Weights, and Measures, with the Addition of all others that are known. Extracted from the Works of the best Writers both at Home and Abroad; more especially from those justly celebrated ones of Messieurs Savary; improved and corrected by the Author's own Observations, during his long Continuance in Trade. The whole calculated for the Use and Service of the Merchant, Lawyer, Senator, and Gentleman. The Third Edition, with large Additions. By Wyndham Beawes, Esq; His Britannick Majesty's Consul at Seville and St. Lucar. More
Leykas kai Leykadioi epi agglikhs prostasias (1810-1864). [The island and the inhabitants of Leukada under the English protectorate (1810-1864)]. More
Lykønskningsskrift til Københavns Universitet ved dets Firehundredaars stiftelsesfest fra det store kongelige bibliotek. Fragmentum Codicis Membranacei Historiae Danicae Saxonis Grammatici. More
CHURCHILL, The Right Honourable Winston S.
Marlborough. His Life and Times. More
MOLINARI, D. Riccardo ( a cura di D. O. Bionda).
Montagne Insanguinate! Storia di un rastrellamento di guerra nella zona Piacentina-Parmense della Val Ceno e Val Taro. Illustrazioni di Joe Conti. More
Mural Painting of the Mexican Revolution. More
(BOOTH, Charles) SMITH, Hubert Llewyllyn [et al.]
New Survey of London Life & Labour More
O Panagiwths Bergwths kai h 'Kolash' toy Danth. Anatypo apo to periodiko Nea Estia, tomos 78, 1965, Xristoygenniatiko teyxos afierwmeno sto Danth, sel.115-126. [Panagiotis,Vergotis and Dante's 'Inferno' offprint from the periodical Nea Estia, vol. 78, 1965, Christmas volume dedicated to Dante, pp.115-126] More
O seismos ths Kefalonias toy 1867 kai o Laskaratos. Anatypo apo to periodiko Hws, arith.58-60: Afierwma sthn Kefalonia, b' ekdosh, Ioylios 1962. The Kephallonia earthquake of 1867 and Laskaratos. Offprint from the periodical Ios, no.58-60: Dedication to Kephallonia, 2nd edition, July 1962, pp.127-133. More
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