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COHEN, B. & Sons.
Furniture for the Modern Home. A New Group Catalogue More
VOGEL, Lucien.
Gazette du Bon Ton. Arts, modes & frivolités. 1920. Tome II. More
George Cruikshank's Table-Book. Edited By Gilbert Abbott A Beckett. More
HARDY, H.F.H. Capt.
Good Gun Dogs. Illustrated from original dry points by G. Vernon Stokes. More
Grandmamma Easy's Pretty Stories about the Camel More
Her Majesty's Army. A descriptive account of the various regiments now comprising the Queen's forces, from their first establishment to the present time. [with] Her Majesty's Indian and Colonial Forces. More
LOW, Charles, Rathbone.
Her Majesty's Navy Her Majesty's Navy Including Its Deeds and Battles. More
Heroes and Heroines of Bitter Sweet. More
BRUEL, François-Louis.
Histoire aéronautique par les monuments peints, sculptés, dessinés et gravés, des origines à 1830. More
Il Costume Antico e Moderna...Africa. More
LLOYD, Reginald & XAMMAR, Eugeni.
Impresiones de las Republicas Sud-Americanas del Oeste en el Siglo Veinte. More
DOYLE, Richard.
In Fairyland. A series of pictures from the Elf-World. By Richard Doyle. With a poem by William Allingham. More
BATTY, Elizabeth.
Italian Scenery. More
BUONAIUTI , [B. Serafino]
Italian Scenery; representing the manners, customs, and amusements of the different states of Italy; containing thirty-two coloured engravings by James Godby, from original drawings by P. Van Lerberghi. the narrative by M. Buonaiuti. More
Jerusalem and The Holy Land. Being a collection of lithographic views and native costumes, from drawings taken on the spot, More
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