HUNT, The Right Hon. George Ward,
No. 123. "The fat of the land". Statesmen, No. 77. More
NOEL, Gerard James, The Hon., M.P.
No. 124. "A nice little fellow". Statesmen, No. 78. More
DOWSE, Richard, Mr., M.P.
No. 125. "An Irish wit and Solicitor-General". Statesmen, No .79. More
No. 126. "A man of position". Statesmen, No. 80. More
HARROWBY, The Earl of, K.G.
No. 127. "The last generation". Statesmen, No. 81. More
EBURY, Lord.
No. 128. "A common-prayer reformer". Statesmen, No. 82. More
NORMANBY, The Marquis of
No. 129. "By birth a man, by inheritance a Marquis and a Governor by his Sovereign's favour, he fills all his positions with credit". Statesmen, No. 83. More
DISRAELI, Benjamin, The Right Hon.
No. 13. "He educated the Tories and dished the Whigs to pass Reform, but to have become what he is from what he was is the greatest reform of all." Statesmen. No. 1. More
BASS, Michael Thomas, Mr., M.P.
No. 133. "Beer". Statesmen, No. 84. More
ROTHSCHILD, Baron Mayer Amschel de, M.P.
No. 134. "The winner of the race". Statesmen, 85. More
YORK, The Archbishop of
No. 138. "The Archbishop of Society". Statesmen, No. 86. More
GLADSTONE, William E., The Right Hon.
No. 14. "Were he a worse man, he would be a better statesman." Statesmen. No. 2. More
No. 140. ["A Conservative religionist"] Statesmen, No.87. More
No. 141. "A Conservative whip". Statesmen. No. 88. More
MIALL, Edward, Mr.
No. 143. "The Nonconformist". Statesmen. No. 89. More