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BASIRE, I[saac]. (Engraver).
Plan of the Siege of Tournay. / Tournay a Strong City and Castle in the Earldom of Flanders taken by the Confederates July 7. 1709 and left as a Barrier Town to the Dutch by the Treaty of Utrecht. More
BASIRE, I[saac]. (Engraver).
Plan of Toulon, with a View of its Road, and the Situation of its Towns, &c. More
[MUNSTER, Sebastian].
Salin die namhasste Statt Burgund nach ihrer Figur und Gelegenheit abgemalet. More
[MUNSTER, Sebastian].
Schlettstatt / etwann ein Dorffdeß S. Römischen Reichs: aber jetzund einzterliche Statt. More
[MERIAN, Matthaus].
Silvanectum. Senlis. / Lemovicum. Limoges. More
South-west France. Südwestliches Frankreich. More
The Kingdom of France Describing the New Limits according to the Treaty of Paris, November 20th 1815. More
JAILLOT, Alexis Hubert.
The post Roads of France, from the Map of Jaillot. Published by order of ther Duke de Choiseul, Post-master General of that Kingdom. More
Toulon. More
CLARKE, W.B. and DAVIES, B.R. (engr).
Toulon. More
SEUTTER, Mattheus.
[France] Gallia concinnata ad magnum numerum mapparum. More
STEINBERGER, I. Christophe (eng.)
[France] Le Royaume de France et les Conquetes de Louis le Grand More
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