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BLUMENTHAL, Otto (Edited and translated by..)
The British, Foreign and Colonial Trade Marks Directory. To which is added an International Guide, and an appendix of General Commercial Information, with translations into French, German, spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Swedish Russian, Chinese, etc. More
CHURCHILL, Sir Winston.
The Collected Works. More
WARD, Adolphus William.
The Electress Sophia and the Hanoverian Succession. More
REID, Alan.
The Gorton Experiment. More
The History of England from the Accession of James the Second to the death of William the Third... With a preface by Justin McCarthy. Fine-paper edition. More
The History of England. From the Accession of James the Second. Edited by Charles Harding Firth. More
HORT, Lieutenat Colonel.
The Horse Guards by The Two Mounted Sentries. With Twelve Coloured Illustrations. More
BURN, Richard.
The Justice of the Peace and Parish Officer. The Fifth Edition. More
[MI√ąGE, Guy].
The New State of England Under Their Majesties K. William and Q. Mary. In Three Parts. Containing I. A Geographical Description. II. An Account of the Inhabitants,. III. A Description of the several Courts of Judicature. More
CARTER, Jimmy.
The Nobel Peace Prize Lecture. Delivered in Oslo on the 10th of December 2002. More
FABER, George Stanley.
The Origin of Pagan Idolatry Ascertained from Historical Testimony and Circumstantial Evidence. More
STRUTT, Joseph (1749 - 1802).
The Regal and Ecclesiastical Antiquities of England; containing the Representations of all the English Monarchs, from Edward the
Confessor to Henry the Eighth; and of many persons that were eminent under their several reigns; on sixty copper plates, engraved by the author; with a supplement, containing twelve plates. The whole carefully collected from ancient illuminated manuscripts. A new and improved edition with critical and
explanatory notes by J. R. Planche. More
The Second World War. "Chartwell" Edition. More
The Second World War. "Chartwell" Edition. More
SMITH, Sydney, The Rev.
The Works More
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