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Soixante-neuf gravures interdites. Dix-huitième siècle. More
Sons of Sindbad. An Account of Sailing with the Arabs in their Dhows, in the Red Sea, round the Coasts of Arabia, and to Zanzibar and Tanganyika; Pearling in the Persian Gulf; and the Life of the Shipmasters and the Mariners of Kuwait. More
BENT, Theodore.
Southern Arabia More
GIRARD, Marcel et al.
Splendours of Moscow and its Surroundings. More
MINI, Costantino. & FIORETTI, Stefano.
Storia delle Indie Orientali. L'Asie ossia descrizione fisica, storica, politica, e commerciale delle Regioni Asiatiche che ebbero ed hanno relazioni colle Indie e coll'odierno commercio dell'Europa nell'oriente da servire d'introduzione alla Storia delle Indie Orientali. More
Styl Blätter für Mode und die Angenemen Dinge des Lebens. More
Survey of London.. Volume XLI Southern Kensington: Brompton. More
Survey of London.. Volume XXXVII. Northern Kensington. More
MONGEZ, [Antoine].
Tableaux, Statues, Bas Reliefs Et Camées, De La Galerie De Florence, Et Du Palais Pitti, Dessinés par M. Wicar, Peintre, et gravés sous la direction de M. Lacombe, Peintre; Avec Les Explications, Par M. Mongez l'aîné, de l'Académie Royale des Inscriptions et Belles-Lettres, Garde des Antiques de Sainte Géneviève, etc, etc. Imprimées sur Papier-vélin superfin de Johannot d'Annonay. More
Tendres Stocks. Avec une préface de Marcel Proust et des gravures de Chas-Laborde. More
(AUSTEN, John). LESAGE, Alain-René.
The Adventures of Gil Blas of Santillane. Translated by Tobias Smollett. With an introduction by J.B. Priestley and illustrations by John Austen. More
TERRY, George W.
The Alphabet Annotated, and Hints Upon Slip-Slop by an Old Etonian ; For Youth and Adults in Doggerel Verse. Illustrated and etched by George W. Terry. More
McIAN, Robert Ronald and LOGAN, James.
The Clans of the Scottish Highlands. Illustrated by appropriate figures, displaying their dress, tartans, arms, armorial insignia, and social occupations, from original sketches, by Robert Ronald McIan. With accompanying description and historical memoranda of character, mode of life, &c. &c. by James Logan. More
WARD, Adolphus William.
The Electress Sophia and the Hanoverian Succession. More
MOORE, Thomas. William P. Ayres.
The Gardeners' Magazine of Botany, Horticulture, Floriculture, and Natural Science. More
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